Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sewing plans

I have revised my plans slightly, which I probably will again, but here is where I am right now. After thinking back and forth a bit, I feel that I really should try to stick as close to the list as I can. Otherwise I think I may start to simplify things and one reason for doing this project is just to challenge myself and step out of my safety zones.

Evis pointed out how useful she finds house dresses and they should also work very well as summer frocks, so I will make one. Actually i think I will start with one. I have this cotton in my stash, which I admit is not a forties pattern, but it is a pattern I like and I try to work through my stash a bit anyway.

Decades of Style has a very cute house dress and as soon as I get the pattern I shall start.

Then there was the matter of the grey wool shirt dress. Just because I'm not that fond of that type of dresses, shouldn't really stop me, I think. Instead I should try to make it in a way I like. And I'd love the opportunity to use grey wool. One of my problems when looking for patterns is that vintage patterns rarely have my size. However, New Vintage Lady has some vintage patterns in larger sizes and they actually had a shirtdress pattern in my size. I took that as a sign that I should make one. They also have some re-printed patterns in larger sizes.

Other places I have found re-printed patterns in several sizes are Decades of Style that I mentioned above, Vintage Vogue, which I guess you all already know about and I saw that Reconstructing History also have some now. Wearing History is another company with re-printed patterns. I have several dress patterns right now, but what I do need is a coat pattern. I quite like the coat Deconstructing History have, so at the moment, that one seems likely. I also need to get a good trousers pattern. As for now I have got two patterns recommended to me, Wearing History's Smooth Sailing Sport Togs and Simplicity's Retro Pants, S3688. Anyone else that has tried those?

As for the faux fur coat I got warm recomendations from two friends who has bought from The Throw Company . You can order free samples and I just got these lovelies, Arctic wolf, Silver fox and Russian wolf.

At the moment I'm a bit torn. I like them all, but feel slightly warmer toward the Russian wolf, which is more of a brownish grey.Somehow, though, I feel that the Silver fox has the most forties feel to it. What do you say?

Being outside the wardrobe project, but still forties is the swing dress sew-along,which actually goes along very well. After some dittering I decided to make it in thin darkish green wool. I'm currently assembling the bodice. The pattern calls for top-stitching, but I'm not so keen on that and is sewing those seam invisibly by hand instead. While I do that I ditter over the sleeves...


Evis said...

I'm sure it will be a very lovely house dress. I'm currently torn if I should also join you on this 1940s trip, but I may, though probably not as organized, with its own blog and everything.

But I alredy have a bright green hat ;)

Isis said...

I hope you do, Evis. I would love to see your take on it!

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