Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The art of colour matching

Photobucket One of the most important aspects of creating this wardrobe is to make sure the clothes match each other colour-wise. That makes it possible to mix various garments and get more outfits out of it. There is therefore a chapter in Alla kvinnors bok about what colours that goes well with each other. I was a little surprised by some of the like brown and grey, which I thought was a no no. Not to mention blue and green!

Red Doesn't always have to be paired with navy blue. It is beautiful with most strong colours like yellow, green and white. If the red has a purplish tone, then it works well with purple and blue. If it's more of a warm and yellow tone, then it works with brown, green and yellow.

Pink Looks good with just about everything, especially black.

Green For a subtle effect, combine it with yellow and brown. For something more bold, an intense green matched with navy blue. Greyish green goes well with cyan.

Yellow Pairs well with neutral like like black, grey and brown, but also with ruby red. Pale yellow works well with navy blue. A more amber toned yellow looks good with the more lemon-coloured yellow. It is also noted that Swedish women isn't particularly fond of yellow because it is hard to make it look good if you are blond.

Blue Navy blue and white is the prefect combination for summer. Pale blues are always beautiful. Navy blue and cornflower blue looks good with black.

Neutrals Brown, white, grey and black looks good with everything. It is important, if the dominant colour is a neutral, to have details on colour.

One can also chose the same colour, but different shades. It is, of course, important to consider the colour of hair, skin and eyes when it comes to colour choice. Not to mention taste! If you like a colour, then wear it, but don't be afraid to match it a little more boldly than you would otherwise have thought.

No, I'm not trying to make you drink Coca Cola- don't drink it myself, I merely liked the colour matching.


Little Black Car said...

(Sorry, I can only post in English or Spanish.)

I think people have gotten more timid and restrictive about color combinations in recent decades, and more fixated on neutrals. I wouldn't hesitate to wear green with red accents and a tiny bit of yellow, but a lot of people think I dress like a lunatic, and would feel safer wearing black or beige. Too bad.

Isis said...

Little Black Car. Probably. And fashion rules changes too. I'm a bit of a bore and usually wear black or grey, so I will take this chance and get a little more colourful.

Danièle said...

sadly I think many of us have to wear black far too often because of its "slimming" illusion, which often is just iun our heads and can be achieved with colours with just a little thinking.

paisleyapron said...

I just found your blog through your post on Sew Retro. I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of sewing a wardrobe (any wardrobe for that matter) in 4 years. I get caught up in sewing for need, instead of planning and making things to complete a wardrobe. It doesn't hurt that I adore the 40's and will be watching your blog with great interest and taking notes!

Isis said...

Danièle: I only wore black as a teen, not for slimming reason but more for a teenagy reasons. Then I got a bit stuck and though I try to incorprorate colour I often find myself going for the easu option, black and grey...

paisleyapron: Welcome! I hope you will fnd my blog enetertaining!

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