Thursday, 26 July 2012

An exeptional lady in the making

I'm still on vacation, but at least I have a better Internet now. I'm still not spending much time in front of the computer, so more regular posts won't appear until I start working again. The picture was taken yesterday when J and I decided to play tourists in our own home town. We walked around in Old town, visited the Royal palace and went to have tea and a very cosy place called "Vetekatten".

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bathing beauties

Vacation is almost upon me and though I don't tan and get antsy by sun bathing, I do love to swim. So here are some pretty ladies, found in LIFE's Google archive.

Undated, but I guess these are from the late 30's, early 40's.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On an ordinary day I wear...

Summer is here and I’m afraid that I will continue to post a bit erratically. I have only one more day left to work before my vacation and I don’t want to spend a lot of time at my computer then. You will understand, I’m sure. Here are a few rather informal pictures taken at Sala silver mine last Friday. As you may remember that I’m interested in the 18th century and last weekend I had the opportunity to get dressed in my finery two days in a row. And go to a party in the old mine, 155 meters underground. If you are interested you can see some pictures here.

Anyway, usually I take pictures of my clothes when I have had time to fix my hair and makeup properly. This is a truer picture of what I look like an ordinary day. Especially an ordinary day when the alarm went off at 4.40…

The dress is a housedress from ca 1944, the shoes from Aris Allen, paired with a generic wool cardigan. Uncurled hair that is wrapped in a hairnet and tucked into a rill in the back and two victory roils in the front. No makeup except powder and lipstick. And glasses. I tend to wear contact lenses about 50% of the time. Perhaps I should try to find a pair of glasses with a more vintage feel, but I like these. The bag is from Rocket Originals.

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