Friday, 20 January 2012

Tips on retro make up

I don't usually go in for make up tutorials on video, but I was very recently tipped about Lisa Elridge and I think it's worth spreading. She's a professional make up artist and she has several excellent videos on basic make up and more festive one as well. She also has an interest in vintage make up and many of the videos touch that subject.

A history of make up, Victorian era to the 1930's.

1940's to 1970's.

A peek on her own collection of vintage make up.

Ho to do dramatic red lips.

A pin up look.

Marilyn Monroe.


Kristina said...

I adore Lisa Eldridge! I think you btw can see a Trionette much similar to the Glamourette from BeneFit You reseved in my giveaway in one of her videos about make up in the past. I am also very fond of Pixiewoos make up tutorials by Sam. Make up is such an instant theraphy. It makes You look better and feel better too. There is nothing superficial about that...

Isis said...

Kristina: I will have to check Pixiewoo out. :) I agree, it really is!

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