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A review on Revlon lipstick

I know, know, I really didn’t need more lipsticks. And I also try to not but things just because, but the idea of trying a lipstick shade that have actually been around since forever, appealed to me so much that I just had to try. Unfortunately the shade I most wanted to try from Revlon, Raven Red, who was launched in 1945, was discontinued some ten years ago. It is still around here and there, but I haven’t found any who ships to Sweden. Oh well. I did buy three other shades, though.

Really good actually, for the price you pay, even excellent. All my lipsticks Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipcolor and they go on very creamily and don’t feel drying at all. I thought all the lipsticks covered well on the first application, but I think it looks better if you do two layers. Staying powered, however, differed a bit between colours. To me it doesn’t smell anything at all, which I think some appreciate, even if I don’t mind a discreetly scented lipstick. They are not completely matte, but not at all shiny- just shiny enough, if you ask me.

Revlon is a budget brand and my three lipsticks; with shipping from the UK I paid less then £14. Compared that to buying a Became lipstick from What Katie Did cost £22 + shipping and a Rockalilly lipstick is £14 + shipping. Don’t get me wrong, I think both Became and Rockalilly are worth the money, but I think that on a slim budget, Revlon is a very good option, but they are worth a try even if you can afford bigger brands.

Certainly Red, 1951
Really nice true red shade, not too dark. I think it’s a great daytime red, but that is, of course, a matter of opinion. It also has good staying power, and lasts easily six-eight hours with one meal thrown in. A second meal and it will fade noticeably. Of all lipsticks I have tried, it’s the one I have found that is closest to MAC’s Ruby Woo, though not as matte and much, much nicer to use.

More reviews and swatches: Platinum Blonde Life, with a swatch compare to Ruby Woo.
Power Femme

Fire and Ice, 1952
Fire and Ice was very successfully launched with the help of model Dorian Leigh. She had been used by Revlon before and was by the time 36 years old. Do you check out if you are made for Fire and Ice;

I haven’t really used this one yet, because it’s a really bright red and the bleak winter light makes it look a bit too stark on my lips. I suspect this colour will look a lot better in summertime, so I will return to it then.

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Love That Pink, 1955
I do love this pink. It’s the pink I have wanted for years. I don’t always want to have red lips, but pink so often feels to bright and bubbly for me. Love That Pink is a rather reddish pink with a hint of coral. Not in your face, but not too discreet either. I find it very wearable and flattering and have used it a lot lately. The staying power is not great, though, so you need to re-apply it, but it fades evenly so it doesn’t look too horrid. Funnily enough this colour is often called a dupe for MAC’s Impassioned, but given that Love That Pink have been around for a bit longer, I rather think that it’s the other way around.
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I think these lipsticks good ones, especially as the price is so low. They may not be as good as more expensive brands, but they are definitely good enough to use. If you want to try a colour you haven’t used before, then I think it would be a good idea to buy a Revlon lipstick to try it out, instead of buying something more expensive. I also think it’s really, really neat that you can but shades that really were in use 50-60 years ago and I’m sure I will try more of them eventually. Who knows, I might even get my hands on Raven Red.

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monika said...

Interesting! Where did you order them from? I don't need more lipsticks either, but...

Isis said...

monika: I bought them here:

Got them very quickly too. :)

Miss Meadows said...

Of course you need more red lipstick! And to answer your comment on my blog; of course you need more shoes! He, he...We need more dresses too! :D xx

Tia said...

I love Revlon lipsticks; however, being pale and having red hair, their 'Certainly Red' shade is not so great on me. I tried 'Love That Pink' and mine looks nothing like the lipstick in your post, mine is more of an '80s pink. :o I really like their 'Wine With Everything' (creme) shade and 'Mulled Wine' is a great, true red, unfortunately discontinued. As you said, the price is usually very reasonable, so it doesn't hurt to indulge now and then... :)

gi_janearng said...

I recently picked up Revlon's Pink Velvet. It looks very dark in the tube for a rose toned lipstick but it actually comes out in a pleasingly sheer color. It's a nice toned down pink-red for work. Layering adds more pigment.

Anonymous said...

Jag skaffade nyligen mitt första Revlon läppstift (runt €13 på och mina slutsatser var i princip samma som dina.

Färgen jag valde var Colorburst i "Coral". Det stod mellan den och deras Super Lustrous i "Kiss Me Coral", men de klassades som matta läppstift, så jag valde Colorburst "Coral". Alla recensioner jag hittat tyckte att det var mycket orange i den, så jag blev lite besviken... den var inte alls orange på mig, men den var snygg och skar sig i alla fall inte mot mitt röda hår så det blev en "win" i alla fall. Kanske ger jag mig på Super Lustrous "Kiss Me Coral" härnäst eftersom du säger att de inte var så matta ändå.

Kristina said...

Fire and Ice, Cherries in the Snow rena rama läppstifts poesin... Revlon ska även ha ett ljust 60-tals läppstift, men den kommer jag inte ihåg namnet på. Vet du vilken jag menar?

Isis said...

Miss Meadows: You are so right! And books. And fabric! :D I'm actually a bit annoyed that I didn't notice those shoes you bought before as they were made in green too, and I have been looking for green shoes. But now my size is gone.

Tia: No, I can imagine that is not a red for a redhead- though I do think red lipstick can looks great with red hair, it's just a matter of finding the right shade. Funny about the pink though, as mine looks very much like the pic. Brrr, 80's pink- I actually wore that in the 80's and I have pictures to prove it... What can I say, I was young. ;)

gi jane: That sounds very nice. :)

Isis said...

Emma: Det är alltid lite spännande med färger. Jag älskar mörkt, mörkt röda läppstift, men det ser inte bra ut på mig, har jag till slut insett.

Jag tycker nog att de är mer matta än glansiga ändå. precis lagom för mig! :)

Kristina: Ja, de kan verkligen det där med namn! Kan det vara Blase Apricot du tänker på?

Anonymous said...

Yay, and now I can comment! I've been curious about those shades, it's great to see a review from a retrophile perspective, so to speak.

I have Impassioned, actually. It's really nice, but extremely bright and a bit difficult to wear. Coral is another very 50's lip colour that I'd love to hunt down a good lipstick in - I know that Estée Lauder did re-releases of a few old shades some years back, among them a coral called Princess Grace Coral which was supposedly made to order for her wedding. Sold out like hot cakes, though, I've never seen it.

And yay, now I can comment! Thank you!

Highball Emy said...

Hej from the Fedora Lounge!

I understand your lipstick addiction and I now want these Revlon colours like you don't even know!

Thank you for posting this product review, I have seen the old adverts for the lipsticks before, but as a student any buy is an investment, so it's great to know what someone else thinks!

Would be good to see pictures of them on you?



p.s. I'm going to post a review of Max Factor's Ruby Tuesday in the next few days on my blog if you fancy checking it out!

Isis said...

pimpinett: I'm glad you can! I don't find Love That Pink especially bright. I'd like a oral lipstick too, but they tend to be warmish and cool ones suit me better. As a retrophile I guess one can awlays hope that Revlon bring back some other old shades.

Emy: Thank you! I tried to take pics but they didn't come out well. I can always mention whih lipstick I use when I take ordinary pics though. :)

Highball Emy said...

Well I'm following you so I'll look out for it! I think Revlon is definitely going to be my next project.


Isis said...

Highball Emy: I'm wearing Certainly Red in the post on late 1940's suit. :)

Rhissanna said...

Oooh! Hubby got me 'Love that Pink' for Christmas! I add a touch of it to my cheeks instead of rouge, it makes me look awake...

Isis said...

Rhissanna: I can imagine it would look nice as a rouge too!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with tia, i bought revlon super lustrous love that pink and mine looks nowhere near as soft as yours. I do know that there are two love that pinks one by revlon moon drops and the other by revlon superlustrous, but the moon drops version is even brighter than the latter... Anyways dont feel bad, i love lipstick i think its my favorite cosmetic and i have quite a few, never leave the house without it and some powder ;)

Isis said...

Caralina Padille: I use very little makeup on an ordinary day, but almost always red lipstick. :) Cheers me up!

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