Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sewing update

Most of my vintage patters have been purchased from New Vintage Lady. Even if I could change smaller patterns to fit me, I’m a bit too lazy for that and NVL specialize in larger vintage patters, even if she has smaller sizes too and I have always been very pleased with my shopping experience. Yesterday I got a few new patterns.

This suit is 2 inches too small over the chest, but I’m not too lazy to change a pattern for that. I really like the jacket and I’m thinking of making this one in brown silk noil for one of my spring suit. I just have to decide on the design of the blouses- there is to be one in brown and one in green for this suit. The jacket has a detachable collar and cuffs, so I’ll probably do those in green too.

No idea what to make up in this pattern, I just really liked it.

NVL also have a line of re-printed patterns, like this cute 1940’s sport dress with a matching bolero. She also have 20’s and 30’s pattern. A little too small over the chest too, but not too much. I’m going to make the blouse and skirts as separates as the yellow sun dress on my list also lists matching shorts. I’m not quite sure I will make the shorts, but I want to make it possible. I plan to make the sleeveless option, but it seems like an easy pattern and I’ll probably do a dress as well, with sleeves. It would be easy enough to change the necklines if I wanted too.

The pattern is printed on good quality papers and the lines are very clear- All the original sewing information is included.

I plan to use this fabric but have yet to decide on what the “white details” should be. Piping perhaps.

My black wool dress has come to the zipper and hemming stage. Hopefully it will be done by the weekend. I also got the Heyday Fleur-dress I ordered and like it a lot, but I have yet to take any photos.


Shelley J said...

Wow, thank you for the glowing review of my shop! I so appreciate it! Glad your patterns go to you safe and sound.

Can't wait to see what you make of that suit pattern.
Happy Sewing!

Sari said...

Thank you for pointing me to a new pattern resource! I love all the patterns you showed us today, but I especially like the second one.

Isis said...

Shelley: My pleasure! :)

Sari: Yes, I like that too a lot- I try to not but patterns if I on't have a plan for it, but I couldn't resist!

Andrea said...

Please post a review of the sportsdress pattern when you make it. I've been thinking of getting it, too.

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