Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Getting ready to go

One of the things I like with having a vintage style is that it looks so neat and put together. So naturally, every time I leave home I’m perfectly attired with a well thought out outfit, immaculate hair, painted nails and the lipstick in place.


Of course not. I’d like to, but in reality I don’t always have the time. I guess that is true for most of us. We work, go to school, have kids and a thousand other demands. Finding time and space to focus on you may not be so easy. I work irregular hours and sometimes I have to get up at 4.30 in the mornings and I’m not a morning person. But despite feeling tired and very unimaginative at that time of day, I still like to look nice. Over time I have evolved a few strategies to make it easier to leave home in something else than the first thing that you pull out of the wardrobe. Or from a chair…

I take 15 minutes out of my evening to prepare for the next day. I actually set a timer otherwise I tend to feel that it would take too long, but 15 minutes really isn’t.. Then I put out all the clothes I’m going to wear the next day, down to stockings and bag. Jewelry too, if you use that- I never remember. Wash your face, brush your teeth and check out the bag, so you have everything you need in it. If my hair is curled I pin it up at that point too. All that doesn’t take me 15 minutes, but I use the extra time to do some tidying. I’m not a naturally tidy person, but you can put away quite a lot in just a few minutes.

I iron my clothes. Vintage style usually demands ironed clothes- not much spandex there. It’s much easier to see what you actually have if the clothes are ironed, than if they are in a pile at the ironing board. It’s also easier to get the wrinkles out if you iron clothes when they have been washed and not allowing them to pile up and get the wrinkles set.

I like to experiment with my make up, but not a 4.30 in the morning. So I “put out” my make up as well. I have a lot of makeup and it does take time to rummage through it to find the right lipstick or eye shadow. And even if everything was in order, well, after a quick search, that order is so often gone. Instead I put what I need, including contact lenses and perfume, in a little pink make up bag. It also means that I can take it with me if I need to.

Make use of your TV-time. I don’t watch TV, actually, but at some point in the evening I often relax and watch a movie. That’s when I do my pin curls, for example. I know that not everyone can make them without a mirror, but you can also paint your nails. Or mend clothes. Or brush your shoes.

I take a quick look in a full length mirror before I put on my coat.

If I’m good and do this, then my mornings are a breeze. I shower the evening before, get up at 4.30 and leave home 5.10 and that includes breakfast.

If I’m not good, well, let me regale you with what happened the last time I didn’t do my routines. I had sort of put out my clothes, but the skirt I had planned to wear was hanging in the wardrobe. I knew it was there, all ready to be worn, so I didn’t bother. I didn’t bother doing my 15 minutes either, even if I did most of the things I usually do. Guess what happened? Well, firstly I felt out of sorts all mornings and despite waking up a few minutes before the alarm bell, I still somehow got late. I ran out of time when I did my hair and makeup and ended up foregoing rouge and just scraping my hair up in a pony tail before, without looking at the mirror, rushed out to catch my train.

You may have already guessed what more I forgot. Yes, you are right I DID forget to put on my skirt and went to work in my petticoat. A very nice knee length petticoat in black- perfectly decent. But still. My darling brought me a skirt when he went to work and before that I stayed very put behind my desk, but if I had done my routines I would a. have hung my skirt with the rest of my clothes and b. checked out the mirror. My workmates had a good laugh though.

Do you have any good tips and tricks?

(Picture sources: http://irrational-propensity.blogspot.com/2012/01/slacker-sunday.html


Lillgull said...

Oh! Jag måste bara säga att det här är verkligen ett bra skönhetstips. Be prepared!
Vansinnigt det som hände med din glömda kjol! Hahaha Och vilket perfekt tillfälle för din riddare att komma till räddning. :)

Måste också tala om att när man kommer till din blogg med Google chrome som webbläsare går det inte att lämna kommentarer. Inte för mig iallfall. Men när jag använder vanliga firefox funkar det bra!

Anna @ Miss Beatrix said...

Oh, this is all so, so true! I too have a routine because I know (after much trial and error) that I can't cope without one. And every so often I think I know my routine so well I can skip parts of it out. I can't! Things always go wrong when I do.

Thanks for some great advice but for also making me laugh in self-recognition too!

Laurence said...

I really don't have any tips!!! When I wear vintage I always want to be perfect and I need at least 1 hour to get ready and most of the time it's 1 and a half... my husband go crazy when he waits for me... I have so much things that I never find what I need, I want this hat and I cannot remember where I store it, the same for the shoes, glasses...
But I cannot wear vintage at work because I'm a land surveyor and work on construction sites with security helmet and shoes and men clothing... so it's easy for me because I can take time to get beautiful because it always on vacation or week-end!

Jacqui said...

Your post is very timely for me. I have to admit that I don't set things out the night before, I just fall into bed. I'm suffering from a cold right now and this morning I slept in and when I did get up (an hour late!) I had to rush to get to work on time. I didn't have time to do my hair, I wan't happy with my make-up. I was already not feeling good and being rushed just made everything so much worse! Thanks for your post to reminde me that I can do much better than this.

KittyMeow said...

Hehehe I think its wonderful you left for work in your petticoat. Why? Cos you actually WEAR one!
The girls at work are all surprised I wear a slip under my dresses (most days)...it's a bit of an unusual thing these days.

I'm not *as* organised as you but I do tend to plan my outfit the night before - just in my head though. And in the morning I rigidly stick to my routine. I'm ready in about 45 minutes which includes washing and drying my hair.

Emily & Gracie said...

I loved reading this post! Full of good advice, I hope I can pick up some of your organized habits! I must say I got quite a chuckle out of your story of forgetting your skirt and going to work in a petticoat! I wonder if that was a problem working gals in the 50s might have run into every once in awhile while rushing out of the door!

Your post comes at a good time for me too, since in the past few weeks I got my first full-time job! It's been quite an adjustment having to get up early every morning (in school I schedule afternoon classes) so my put-togetherness has gone out the window. I must use some of these tips!

- Emily

Betty B said...

Really useful tips! I'm so going to steal some of these!

Isis said...

Lillgull: Ja, fullkomligt! Jag kände mig bra dum när jag satt på tåget! Konstigt det där med Google chrome- vet inte vad det kan bero på. :/

Anna: Indeed! You think you can skip and everything just falls apart!

Laurence: I do take a lot longer when I really dress up. :) At work I simplify and I don't always dress vintage, even if I'm usually vintage inspired. :) I try to get out my outfit the day befora I dress up too, though, so I don't have to stress on the big day.

Isis said...

Jaqui: Glad you found it useful! I know the feeling of just wanting to fall into bed! Well, my petticoat faux pas will serve me as a reminder in the future! :) Hope your cold is better!

KittyMeow: That's true, not many do. I think they are excellent though, for both warmth and making the skrits hand better! Wow, I wash my hair in the evening- I could never manage to do that in 45 minutes!

Isis said...

Emily: It's always a hassle to get new routines going, but I'm sure you'll find some that suits you soon. Hmm, I can imagine that girls could do just that... I'm sure only once, though!

BettyB: Please do! :)

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