Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A photographic question

My darling announced that his New Year resolution is to dress sharp every day. Not that he doesn't do that already... Now I don't do resolutions, but really, I will have to think of what I throw on or I will hae to walk three steps behind. :) Since I started this blog I have become much better in planning my outfits, but I'm thinking of becoming better in making outfit posts. Hopefully you will enjoy them and I will get a "photo album" of my wardrobe.

There's a few reasons for the lack of those posts. Some easy to solve, like getting a tripod and learn how to take photos of myself so I don't have to depend on my darling taking photos. Not that he mind, but it would be nice to be able by myself as daylight and being home at the same time as my darling is sometimes a bit hard to achieve. But I also feel very self-concious when I'm photographed. Like most of us I have parts of me that I like less and I get very critical when watching photos of myself. And I'm not naturally photogenic at all and I would really love to learn to pose better. So what I'm asking you is if you know any good tutorials for making good outfit photos or just plain posing? I have googled, but it's a bit hard to know which ones are any good. If you have any favourite tutorials or website, I would love to hear about them.


Lil Vintage Me (the 1940s family) said...

This is one area I really need to work on in the new year too! I did a bit of reasearch last year and found these three to be quite good basic tutorials....

hope they help!
Maxine (Lily)xx

French Press VINTAGE said...

She doesn't have a tutorial, but MouseVox Vintage uses herself as a model for tons of her clothes. You might be able to get some ideas from her :-) I know I have. She uses a tripod and then a remote control to take the shots. Good luck, can't wait to check out your outfit posts!

monika said...

Oh yes, that is a problem. I don't blog or anything, but I made a list the other day of the clothes I made for myself last year, and thought -"It would be neat to have pictures of some of these". I really hate how I look in pictures. I tense up in front of the camera, and don't think I look like myself at all. Who is this fat lady with the crazy eyes? But the clothes on hangers just look like rags!

Clare said...

I have exactly the same problems as you - I hate having my photo taken, I feel so awkward and then I have to look at photos that I hate of myself looking stupid (in my mind, anyway). Plus my apartment is north-facing and doesn't really have natural light, which makes the pictures even worse.

I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions, but I'm going to check out any tutorials/tips posted here, so thank you for asking the question!

x (Quin/Clare)

Katrin said...

I know your problem. I´m not very photogenic either. It´s not like I can´t take a decent picture of myself, 1 out of 100 shots turns out alright ;). But most of the time I think that my mirror is the nice guy while the camera is the evil one that shows the horrible truth...
But my main problem is a nice location. I´m living in a seriously ugly neighborhood and our appartment is so full of stuff that there is no single corner for a nice outfit-shot. And so far I haven´t come up with a solution.

Lina Sofia said...

Yay I'd love to see outfit shots of you! And don't be silly, I think you look great in photos! But I know how you feel, I often feel like deleting my whole blog on account of embarrassing 'posey' photos of myself... yuk!

my advice to you is, don't over-think it. Find somewhere nice in your house, set up your tripod and smile :)

Bonita Vear said...

~ * ♥ * ~

I have a link for a photography website ~ I don't know how much of it will be useful for you, but there are some good tutorials on posing that can be applied to self portraits ~ a.k.a outfit shots! :D


Hope this helps. : )

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~

Isis said...

Maxine: Thank you!

French Press VINTAGE: Thank you! Indeed, just watching other people's work may be very useful!

monika: I know! And you are right, clothes on hangers never looks good, even if they look great on!

Clare: I know the problem with a cluttered background. e have no really good space to take photos either.

Isis said...

Katrin: LOL, exactly. I can watch myself in the mirror when I take a photo and think I look good and then the photo comes out just awful!

Lina Sofia: Thank you! And you look lovely on your photos. not posy at all!

Bonita: Thank you!

Eva said...

Practice, practice, practice. And lots of discarded photos. I still haven't found the prefect place for photographing in our new flat (after almost two years) and I hate that my new camera only takes on photo when on auto (th eold one took two) and also is much worse with deficinet light than my old cheaper one was.
But I do take som good photos if I may say som myself. Except that theyr'e not as sharp as with my old camera that I dropped and broke :(

Isis said...

Eva: Yes, prectice too, of course. Thankfully you can dicard photos to your hearts content when you use a digital one... :D You always look good, I think!

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