Sunday, 1 January 2012

Giveaway winners

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve! We had planned to go to a good friend, but I have got the flu so we had no choice but to stay home. But my darling cooked me a dinner from Last Dinner On the Titanic by Rick Archbold and Dana McCauley. Consommé Olga, Chicken Lionesse and chocolate ice cream (we bought that), so it was quite nice anyway. I also tried to watch the latest version of King Kong, but lost my taste when it came to the portrayal of the inhabitants of King Kong's island- more like orcs than human being. The racial treatments isn't great in the old movie either, but really, couldn't one think of a better way in 2005. It's a corny story, I know, with virgin sacrifice, but perhaps one could have described a population ruled by fear and not sadistic pleasure? And why has King Kong torn the former poor virgin's into shreds if he is a vegetarian? Well, I looked as far as Kong's fight with the dinosaur, only it wasn't one, but three Tyrannosaurs that he fought with just one hand (holding the damsel in distress in the other hand, instead of the more sensible choice of placing her in an old tree while fighting). Like in the original movie:

But I digress and I guess you want to know who won. Well, the first prize, 3 perfume samples of her choice + one sample of Shocking goes to:

Kristina of Dahling It's Vintagy!

The second prize, the three remaining samples + one sample of Shocking goes to:

Swell Dame's Parlour

And a copy of The Little Book of Perfumes: The 100 classics by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez goes to:

Jacqui of The Musings of a Windsor Rose

Congratulations, you will be contacted shortly! And a thank you to everyone who entered!


Swell Dame's Parlour said...

I can't believe i won!!!!!!!!!!!My first present for 2012,i feel so lucky!!!!Thank you so much!
Have a swell new year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Krya på dig! Och gott nytt år!

Isis said...

Swell Dame: Thank you!

Emma: Tack!

Jacqui said...

I won?!! I never win anything! Thanks so much! Wishing you an amazing 2012.

Isis said...

Jacqui: Indeed you did. :)

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