Monday, 9 January 2012

The swing dress in action

Here is a few pictures of Sense & Sensibility's swing dress that I reviewed here. To be truthful, I have been more pleased with other sewing projects. I strongly suspect the polyester in the wool blend is to blame for the skirt not draping nicely. I really need a brooch at the neckline as it gapes much too much left as it is. The dress isn't fancy, but it will work nicely for everyday and I'm sure I will wear it, even if I'm not 100% satisfied.

With Lipton and Mats.

A stocking is trying to escape.

A picture that says a lot of the true circumstances when taking photos in our family. Adolph's tail in the foreground, Lipton's ears and Mats thinking that if I'm sitting down, then I must want a cat in my lap.


snippa said...

The dress looks great.
I really fancy trying this pattern after reading your previous post. I was thinking in black and seeing your pictures has convinced me. Very flattering style.

Lina Sofia said...

yes! See you did great on the posing front! :) The dress looks perfect for everyday even with the small niggles. And gorgeous shoes that match really well! I also love your wall of books, very classy.

Kristina said...

Väldigt klädsamt och tidlöst snyggt och väldigt bärbart. Alla rätt Isis!

Isis said...

Snippa: Thank you! I look forward to see your version!

Lina Sofia: We-ell, I think I look a bit dorky, but not too much. Or very much like my paternal grandmother, which isn't that bad. :) The shoes are old favourites from La Redoute of all places. I love out book wall too!

Kristina: Tack så mycket!

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