Saturday, 21 May 2011


I love wool! Wonderful to sew in and wonderful to look at. Here is part two on fabrics used in the 1940’s. The third and last one will be all about the silks. I must say that I think the notes sometimes are a hoot. Why does they say that wool velour is the no 1 for the French woman?

Drape: Heavy
Uses: Suits.
Notes: Always fashionable.
Cheviot, serge and foulé
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Suits, dresses
Notes: Hard to press. Suits should be made by a tailor.
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Coarse: suits. Fine: dresses
Notes: Can be waterproofed
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Coats, suits. The fine French quality can be used for dresses
Notes: Fragile
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Suits
Notes: Plain weave. Cool and lightweight.
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Coats
Notes: My grandmother’s winter coat from 1939 was made of bouclé.

Drape: Heavy
Uses: Dresses, blouses, scarves
Notes: A
Moss crepe
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Dresses
Notes: Doesn’t wrinkle
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Coats
Notes: The number one fabric for the French women. Treat it like velvet and keep the seams to a minimum.
Napped cloth
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Coats
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Sports clothes, coats
Notes: Durable and hardy.
Drape: Heavy
Uses: Dresses, sports blouses
Notes: Ribbed or smooth. Clings to the body.

I don't claim that this is a complete list of fabrics used and if something is missing, I would love to hear it.


Emelie said...

Great job!

This was a part of the book I was really sorry to give up when I returned it to the library, so I'm very glad you published it here. :)

Isis said...

Emelie: Thank you! Yes, it's a great book, isn't it?

Molly said...

My mother's wedding outfit (late 60s) was a russet coloured boucle suit, its hanging in my wardrobe now. I keep seeing lovely boucle fabric about, tempted to make a cape with it.

I have some moss crepe in "vintage dusty pink" sadly just a polyester instead of glorious wool. I bought it specifically for an early 1940s dress pattern then changed my mind about it!

Isis said...

Molly: My Mum's marriage (mini!)dress was in peagreen dupion- also late 60's. :)

Vintage dusty pink sure sounds like a lovely colour!

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