Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Perfumed Court

After writing my last post I set out to see which perfumes I could find. Years ago a friend recommended The Perfumed Court and though I had forgotten about it I found it again when I searched for perfumes. To quote them, they:

We specialize in offering perfume samples and perfume decants of a superlative array of fragrances. What we do is spray, pour, or use sterile pipettes to take perfume from its original large bottle and repackage it in a smaller bottle (we only use brand new sterile glass bottles) so that the consumer can try as many fragrances as they desire before buying a full bottle.

Could I possibly find a better place to start looking? Of the perfumes I had marked as interesting I could find samples of all but Canoe, Chantilly, Zizionia and Jitterbug. On the other hand I added a few, like:

Bourjois Soir de Paris from 1928
Chanel No 22 from 1922.
Creed Angelique Encens from 1933.
Guerlain Mitsouko. from 1919.
Raphael Replique from 1944.

A sample of 1 ml costs $5.99 to $20, so they are not exactly cheap, but they are almost all is the perfume, not the eau de toilette. Much more concentrated and lasts longer. Also, an eau de toilette is often a shaper scent, while the perfume is more rounded and softer. When I said that perfumes gives me headaches I meant eau de toilettes- I have never purchased real perfume. So if I am to try out some vintage perfumes I may as well pay for the real thing. Also, many of these perfumes are not made any more or have been re-formulated. This is a chance to try the original. Of course, to buy all the samples I’m interested in would be way too expensive, so I will have to narrow down what I want to try the most. I’m very tempted to begin with Shalimar and Tabac Blond. Luckily you can create a wish list for future shopping.

Which one would you like to try?


Andrea said...

I recently used The Perfumed Court for the first time. I got a sample of Mitsouko and Soir de Paris. I am quite happy with both, although my husband doesn't like them as much as my modern scent.

Isis said...

Andrea: I have noticed that a parfume I like doesn't always go so well with my darling. And some he likes a lot on me I'm more meh about. :)

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