Thursday, 19 May 2011

Reprinted patterns

I have no inspiration at all right now, due to a really bad cold. My whole head feels like it been stuffed with cotton and I swear your IQ drops when it feels like that. So I take the easy way out and make a post that I almost finished awhile ago on reprinted patterns. Here is a little list on where you can buy some. I’m sure there are more of them out there, so if you think I have missed any, please tell me.

There are a lot of vintage patterns out there, but my problem with those is that I have a hard time finding them in my size. I am, what in the 1940’s was called, junoesque, which I think is a much lovelier thing to say than plain plus sized.

Decades of Style I have almost finished their 1940’s housedress and I’m really loving that pattern. To quote: we have 9 sizes available in every style from bust size 30" up through bust size 46"! Select styles are available in 12 sizes. They have some really lovely styles too and I look forward to try more of their patterns.
Collette Patterns Not really reproduction patterns, but rather inspired. Very cute!
EvaDress Lots of lovely patterns, but some are in one size only. The sidebar makes it easy to find what patterns they have in your size.
New Vintage Lady An etsy shop that also specialize in vintage patterns in larger sizes. I have bought an original pattern for a shirtwaist dress, but am eyeing the reproduction patterns too. They are in one size only and the measurements vary a little, but are all in the larger sizes.
Reconstructing History A few 40’s reproduction patterns of their own design as well as EvaDress patterns.
Vintage Vogue I guess the reproduction patterns everyone knows about. Awful shipping costs, but sometimes there are sales that makes it worth it anyway. My experience with their patterns have been good, but they seem to have more ease in them than the originals, so it’s probably a good idea to measure the pattern to make sure it isn’t too loose.
Wearing History Wears more toward the 1930’s, but some pattern can easily be adapted, like their Smooth Sailing 1930s Sports Togs Pattern. The patterns are in two size packs, A which are sizes 12-16 and B which are sizes 18-22. That means grading up for me when it comes to the tops. I have a few patterns, but haven’t tried them out yet.


Rowenna said...

Thanks for this post! I've found some of these sites, but not all--looks like now I'll be going shopping :)

Isis said...

Way too easy to spend money on patterns, isn't it? :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for these links!

Isis said...

Melissa: You are welcome and welcome here too! :)

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