Friday, 27 May 2011

The Knitting Problem

Blogger grew worse on me and I couldn't even log in- still can't with my usual web browser. Superheidi gave me the tip to use Safari instead, and it works! Phew!

There are some things that I will definitely purchase for my wardrobe and knitted things are definitely among those. I know how to knit, but I’m not good at it. The question is, how to find a 1940’s sweater? Or rather, how do you find two, as I need a white one and a red one.

Looking around I have found a red one I quite like, from Rocket Originals.

The problem is that it is mostly acrylic, and I hate that. I much rather have wool through and through. Or cotton. Something that breathes, anyway. And apart from that one, nothing. I suspect that Etsy may yield something, but so far I haven’t managed to find anything apart from Greetz From Tiz . The sweaters there are simply adorable and I may buy one anyway, but no red or white ones.


Vintage Vicky said...

I actually have the Rocket originals one in blue and it really doesn't behave like an arcrylic sweater if that helps-ie it doesn't smell worse (I know some synthetic fibres can be bad for sweat etc). I think they made it part wool and part arcrylic so it can be washed in a machine without the worry that it will shrink. Also check out the seller Dixabilly on etsy who hand knits items to order from vintage patterns-I have several of her items shes very good.

Isis said...

Vintage Vicky: Thank you for clarifying that. I think I will go ahead and order one. I will definitely check out Dixabilly too!

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