Sunday, 22 May 2011

I won an award!

The Rules

1—Thank the person who gave you the award
2—Share 7 Random things about yourself
3—Tag several other blogs that you've discovered recently.

The Gratitude
Thank you to Formerly Modern. Check her out, she has some very nice outfit photos!

The Seven Random Facts
1. I have a BA in the Swedish equivalent of English and I read constantly and usually more than one book at the same time.
2. I work with public relations for a small train company. I had never planned to work with trains, but sort of slipped in on that career and found I liked it.
3. When I don’t bury myself in the 1940’s you will probably find me in the 18th century instead.
4. I love shoes. I culled drastically last year but still own more than 40 pairs.
5. I have no formal training when it comes to sewing- I have learned by trial and error, but I have some pattern construction under the belt.
6. I’m a night owl.
7. I’m a cat’s person, but despite having five cats I’m not really a crazy cat lady. It was just that I had two cats and my darling had three and you can do the math… And as I have refrained from showering you with cat pictures until now, I will now take the opportunity to show some:

Adolf, our oldest at nearly 13. He is pitch black, though this last year his whiskers have started to turn out. Despite not being my cat from the beginning he has very strong opinions on my behavior. If I’m not home as much as he likes I get a silent treatment that say more than thousand words.

Frida is absolutely tiny, about half of a normal cat. She was born wild so we believe that her size and the fact that she became blind a couple of years ago, are due to being malnourished as a kitten. Fortunately she regards her as a challenge and not a handicap.

Mats is the sweetest cat I have ever met and also one of the funniest. He has a trick of wanting to stand on your palms and then you push him up along a door post while he “climbs” with his front paws.

My girl Page. Always alert and a mean mouser. I took her from a cat home- she was the cat who climbed my lap and in pure affection bit my noose (very loosely) the first time she saw me, when all the other cats looked at me with suspicion.

Spacecat Spiff, the baby. Well, he isn’t this small now, at three he is a hunk of a cat and very handsome. He has no tact whatsoever, even though he is very nice. To contrast Adolf he is pure white with gorgeous blue eyes.

The New Discoveries
Va-Voom Vintage, “a blog for curvy gals with classic, vintage style”. Check out her tutorials and her free pattern page.
She Got Delusions of Grandeur, That Girl A very cute blog with a vintage theme.
Grandmother’s Pearls In Swedish, but don’t let that stop you- there is a short summary in English too. Lovely pictures.
Yesterday’s Perfume I came across it when I started to look for 1940’s perfumes. Love the descriptions- one can almost smell the perfumes out of the words.
Lottie Loves Just recently there was an excellent post on closet cleaning and you have to look at her Finishing School!


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Thanks so much for the mention. I'm so thrilled to have found your blog, it's amazing! There's so much vaulable information. When my kids finally take a nap, I'll have to go back through and read it all! Cute kitties, by the way!! xoxo

Miss Emmi said...

I love seeing pictures of other people's cats! I'm not allowed to have pets at home so I like hearing the details about their personalities.

Molly said...

Congrats on the award. Your cats are lovely, Spiff is very attractive with his all white fur. I too have a black cat called Adolf! He is a rescue who always loses his battles with the local toms. I also have a white/brown cat and three gingers - two of whom are girls. But I'm not cat crazy either!

Isis said...

Brittany! I'm glad you like my blog as I like yours! Yupp, we live in an constant overdoes of kitty cuteness.

Miss Emmi: I like hearing about other kitties too, despite having five...

Molly: Thank you! How funny! Our Adolf doesn't fight, he is a peace maker. Everytime the other cats squabble he turns up and puts his foot down. I love ginger cats! Unusual with female ones, though, though my sister had one as well. But then I had always heard that white cats with blue eyes always are deaf, but Spiff hears very well.

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