Sunday, 4 March 2012

"New" black dress

Yesterday I went to a vintage sewing meet-up at Lillgull’s from Onedreamycloset. It was only me and Betty from Kalops och champagne who were able to attend, but it was really nice. As none of us had met outside the Net before we spent more time talking and getting to know each other than actually sewing, but it was fun and I’m sure we will do it again.

I also thought it was a good opportunity to wear my new dress. For once neither home-made nor a repro, but something vintage. It isn’t that easy to find vintage clothes that fit’s me, but a while ago Va-Voom Vintage talked about Vintage Curve, an Etsy shop that specialize in larger sizes and I found this one:

It’s not a 40’s dress, but a 50’s, but it’s a quite classic wriggle dress and I think it work anyway. The seller think it’s a rayon/wool blend and that seems likely- it’s certainly a fabric that breaths and it’s also quite warm. And it fits me perfectly- no need for changes at all! I like wriggle dresses but I often feel that the skirt gets too snug and I’m a bit sensitive over my tummy, but this one fits well without being too tight and I felt very elegant in it.

Of course, you get a lot more chic of you add a cat- here it is Mats who help out my outfit.

A dog too for added oomph!

The stockings are wool stockings from Levante that I buy at Calezza. They are a bit pricey, but they are warm and comfy and lasts a lot longer than nylons. I don’t like pantyhose, so these stockings paired with pantalettes in wool or knitted silk, is a very good option in the winter.

I like the asymmetrical neckline- the brooch is a permanent detail.

The shoes are in black suede and not really vintage, they are from 1989. But they are dead ringers for these shoes from 1949.

Everything comes back in fashion, sooner or later.

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Anonymous said...

Jättesnyggt! Kragdetaljen är verkligen intressant och klänningen sitter som en smäck.

Kristina said...

Oh Dear what a perfect fit! That dress is a killer. Congratulations on a beautiful find.
I really hope to attend the next time with You guys!

Vintage Cherry said...

Stunning! and I love your co models, and lovely booky backdrop xx

superheidi said...

Wow, you look stunning!

Isis said...

Emma: Tack! Jag blev glatt överraskad över att den sitter så bra. Ibland har man tur!

Kristina: Thank you! And yes, you must!

Vintage Cherry: Thanks! Well, what can go wrong with pets and books? ;)

superheidi: Thank you!

Elsa said...

Önskar att jag hade kunnat göra er sällskap men var tyvärr upptagen med skolarbete, hoppas det blir fler tillfällen!

Underbar klänning, väldigt klassisk, helt i min smak!
Tycker absolut att du är modellmaterial!

Isis said...

Elsa: Ja, det var synd, men jag är säker på att vi gör det igen!

Tack, det var snällt sagt! Kanske man skulle våga att skicka in sina bilder iallafall. :)

paisleyapron said...

Beautiful and so elegant!

JuliN said...

Lovely vintage find! Thewhole outfit looks perfect on you.

Isis said...

paisleyapron: Thank you!

JuliN: yes, I thought so too! Thanks!

Lillgull said...

Den klänningen var verkligen skitsnygg! Jag trodde väl att den var vintage pga kragdetaljen.. Du kanske såg hur jag stirrade :)
Har faktiskt en liten midjekort(50-tals eller 40-tals?)jacka med samma kragdetalj som jag köpt på Judiths.

Isis said...

Lillgull: Vad kul! Har du en bild på den?

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