Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A brief sewing update

I got a bit behind on my regular sewing as I made a dress for Fraulein Frauke. I didn’t feel altogether pleased with the result and the camera went on strike, so no pictures of that. The club was as fun as usual though and I got the opportunity to say hello to some of my fellow vintage bloggers, Pimpinett, Elsa and Miss Meadows. But now I’m back to normal and trying to finish my yellow ensemble. It feels like very slow work, partly because I use French seams which is a bore to sew, even though the end result is worth it. It’s also three garments, not one, but now the skirt and the blouse only need some finishing touches. I still need to set in the sleeves and make the lapels on the bolero though.

Much to my dismay I have realized that you can find the reproduction patters from Vogue and Buttericks on Etsy. Very dangerous for my wallet, but so nice to find out of print patterns for good prices and definitely lower shipping costs! I just got these lovelies, a coat from 1946 and a suit from 1940.

I also bought some silk noil from Etsy, from Silkfabric, to be precise, in brown and olive. I plan to make the suit in the brown fabric, though making the dress into a skirt and blouse instead, as I’m making an olive blouse too. I haven’t decided on the pattern for that one yet, though.

I have been looking for a pair of yellow sandals since forever and not finding anything I really like. I do like these ones from Rocket Originals, though they are white. I have been pondering to buy them and try to dye them. I have never tried that with leather shoes, but there are dyes for that purpose, so I guess it can be done.


Lindsay Lane said...

Such lovely shoes I want to have myself aswell. But unfortunatly way out of my budget to order a pair, as I am living in the Netherlands. :)

Have fun with those!

Kristina said...

Those are realy nice patterns. I love the coat it reminds me of the one Kim Novaks svingy cocoon coat in Vertigo. Yeah. I know it´s fifties but nevetheless the looseness is reminicent of the style. But I guess maby things that are like that coat are timeless classics eternal for ever stylish...
The dress also seems very figure flattering! Siiiigh, I wish I could sew! Pronto!

Olivia said...

The vogue 2636 is to die for! Lovely patterns :)

Isis said...

Lindsay Lane: I don't really need new shoes, but I need them! You understand, I'm sure. :)

Kristina: You will have to learn then! It's not so difficult if you choose a simple pattern and a fabric that is easy to work with.

Olivia: Isn't it? And it's mine! :D

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