Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pink Martini

Tea With the Vintage Baroness. brought my attention to Pink Martini last year and now I pass that attention on. Pink martini is a 13-man band with 16 years and four albums’ under their belt.

To quote them:
“Pink Martini draws inspiration from the romantic Hollywood musicals of the 1940s or ‘50s … with a more global perspective. We write a lot of songs … but we also champion songs like Ernesto Lecuona’s “Andalucia”or “Amado mio”from the Rita Hayworth film “Gilda”or “Kikuchiyo to mohshimasu (My name is Kikuchiyo)”made famous in the 1960s by the great Japanese group Hiroshi Wada & His Mahina Stars. In that sense we’re a bit like musical archeologists, digging through recordings and scores of years past and rediscovering beautiful songs.”

This is music that is very easy to listen to and that instantly puts me in a good mood. I found it especially helpful when doing household chores- everything is funnier when you can wriggle your hips and take a few dance steps on the way.


Sarah said...

I love Pink Martini, thanks for featuring them! I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live with the San Francisco Symphony, and it was really amazing to see some wonderful musicians truly loving what they do. I have never had so much fun watching a pianist.

Vintage Cherry said...

Oh, I love them! Thank you for pointing them out - can't believe I have never herd of them. xxx

Isis said...

Sarah: What a treat! They tour Europe this year, but doesn't seem to come to Sweden. :(

Vintage Cherry: I'm so glad that I can spread the joy!

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