Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I wish I was a rich girl #6

After talking hat patterns I guess it's only natural with a hat post on hats you can actually buy. As always, the descriptions of the hats are from the sellers and may not be correct. Also, I have not bought anything from any of the sellers and have chosen hats solely after their look, not their price or condition.

Halo hat

Tilt hat. I think this hat Johanna has made looks quite similar.

Green felt hat

Tilted top hat

Purple picture hat

Straw hat

Wide brimmed hat

Spring hat

Navy felt hat

Red velveteen

Black felt hat with rope detail

Blue straw hat

Navy straw hat

Red felt hat

Brown felt hat

Polka dot and fur hat

Grey felted hat

Black picture hat

Navy halo hat


Knitting-twitter said...

thank you for all the sharing, there are some really fantastic hats,
have a great day,

Strawberry Fields said...

Whenever work is getting me down, I go on ebay to look at the vintage hats. Always puts a smile on my face! x

Anonymous said...

Helt fantastiska! Varför envisas folk med att gå runt i samma typ av cloche- och fedorahattar hela tiden när det finns sådant här?

Tasha said...

Hats are wonderful and I always adore them on others, but feel self-conscious in them myself (unless we're talking winter woolen hats). I need to find a hat to test the waters and see if I feel comfortable in it. :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for including two of my hats (last one in navy and the burgundy red with black feathers and burgundy veil).

Lovely collection of hats!!

Isis said...

Knitting-twitter: Glad you enjoyed the post!

Strawberry Fields: I can imagine it does! :)

Emma: Ja, det kan man fråga sig. Rädsla för att sticka ut, kanske?

Tasha. I can relate to that. I try to train myself into getting more hat-ish. :)

Elizabeth: My pleasure!

Elsa said...

Åh, nu blev jag alldeles rasande sugen på att köpa nummer 9 uppifrån! Alldeles lagomt excentrisk:)

Abbey's Accessories said...

I love all of these hats. Thanks for including my red velveteen. Looks like you love vintage hats as much as I do.

Isis said...

Elsa: I'd like to have almost all of them!

Abbey's Accessories: My pleasure! And yes, I do love hats!

liliesandremains said...

Ohh! Haha that is me in the straw New York Creations. You made my day:)

Isis said...

liliesandremains: I'm glad! I thinkit suits you very well!

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