Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thoughts on the spring/summer wardrobe

I have been mulling a bit over my spring/summer wardrobe. I spent yesterday cutting out the yellow and white sundress with a jacket, shorts and blouse. I love the fabric, yellow with tiny little umbrellas and I think it will look very nice and summery. Originally I had planned to use this pattern from NVL for the skirt, blouse and bolero:

However, I recently purchased the Jasmine pattern from Colette Patterns so I decided to make a sleeveless version for the blouse instead. I will make the collar white as well as the lapels on the bolero. I also plan to add a white ribbon on the skirt like this:

Unfortunately the bias cut of the blouse took more fabric than the originally intended pattern and there isn’t enough fabric left for the shorts. This is not really a big deal. I don’t wear shorts and probably wouldn’t wear them much anyway. I may make a white pair instead, but I won’t give t any priority. There is enough yellow fabric for a pair of tap pants though, and perhaps I should do that. So I can use my bicycle without fear of exposing too much. ;)

The dress in artificial silk, patterned with small flowers and the white washable shirt dress are both in various degrees of completion. The white dress just needs buttonholes, button and finishing of hems and sleeves.

Brown dress in silk noil, in three pieces (jacket, skirt and blouse) and a blouse in green silk noil. Still undecided on which pattern to use, especially the blouses, but I have found silk noil in the right colours.

An evening gown in a dotted fabric. I have been feeling a little torn over this one. I do like to follow my list as closely as possible, but try as I might- I have no use for a summery evening gown. However, this gown is to be shortened into a summer frock a year or two from now so I have decided to make it in the shorter length from the start instead. As it happens I already have a white fabric with black dots, it’s been waiting to be used for 15 years now, which I think will look very nice. I’m going to use the Parfait pattern, also from Colette Patterns, which I think have a distinct 40’s flair, even if I need to make the skirt a bit longer. I’m also thinking of making a matching bolero as I have a lot of my dotted fabric.

Grey suit in flannel I have decided to not make this suit but instead order this from Puttin On the Ritz:

Strictly speaking this is a 30’s suit, but a late one and most of my 40’s clothes are early, so I think it will work. It won’t be flannel but grey tweed, but that’s a minor detail, I think.

Coat in a sandy colour. This one is a bit problematic. I assume that sandy means something like beige and beige really isn’t my colour. I have been looking at these two coats from Puttin On the Ritz.

The green is in a 40’s style, I like the model, but you can only get it in green. That’s very far from beige, but it would work with the rest of my wardrobe anyway.

I do like this 30’s coat too and you can get it in linen. I’m a bit uncertain about the colour, though. Cream would work well, but it is a bit impractical, but perhaps apple green, deep duck egg or robin’s egg would look nice. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Ser fram emot att se resultatet. Det gula tyget med paraplyerna var så härligt!

Jag är lite småkär i den gröna kappan. Vilken förvånansvärt feminin känsla den lilla rynkningen och kontrasten mellan foder och yttertyg ger.

En sandfärgad lätt vårkappa hade jag faktiskt tänkt att sy mig till i vår, men vi får se om jag hinner. Det är redan 8-12° varmt om dagarna nu och jag har så mycket att sy och göra att det lär vara rena sommaren innan jag hinner börja leta mönster.

loverink said...

my vote is robin's egg for the coat. or apple green. either or. awesome cut on the coat, love it!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I'm obsessed with that grey flannel suit. So professional and sophisticated and chic!

Highball Emy said...

The first coat, definitely!!!

Isis said...

Emma: Jag försöker att sy flitigt, vilket i någon mån hindras av att vi håller på att möblera om syrummet...

Jag lutar mer och mer åt den gröna. Drömde att jag hade köpt den i natt, vilket nog får tolkas på en indikation på att jag vill ha den. :)

loverink: I've almsot decided to go for teh dark green 40's coat, but if not, then it'll be robins egg. :)

Jennifer: Yes, isn't it!

Highball Emy: Yes, i think so. I dreamt I bought it last nigh sp I guess my sub-conious has decided for me. :)

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