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A hat for every occasion

Alla kvinnors bok advices that hat style should be chosen according to hair and dress, but occasion should also be considered when choosing what to wear.

The boater or canotier is especially suitable for spring and summer. It can be worn simple or very elegant. If the latter, it can be decorated with a veil, flowers, or similar.

Loretta Young

Gale Page

Anne Nagel

The Breton hat is a model with the brim tuned up in the front and down in the back, or, as is usually the case, turned up all way round. It can be big or small, be placed over one eye or at the back The crown can be rounded or flat and the hat can be made in various materials. It is suitable both for mornings and afternoons.

Gene Tierny

The Shepherd Check Breton, Vintage Knitting Hat Pattern - circa 1940

Betty Grable

The turban has become more and more popular since 1940. It’s both practical and compliments most looks. Suitable for every occasion, from morning to evening.


The toque is a small, brimless hat for afternoons and evenings. It can be draped, embellished with feathers, ribbons or covered with flowers.

Martha Vickers

Lana Turner

Binnie Barnes

The pill box hat is a simplified version of the toque. A practical and useful model.

Eleanor Parker, 1943

Barbara Bates

The beret is one of the most popular models for everyday activities as well as sports. You can place it just about everywhere on your head, at an angle over an eyebrow or on the back of your head. Take note if you have a round face, though- choose a beret that is not completely round.

Berets from Stetson

Nina Foch

Lana Turner

There are, of a course, a number of other models. A simple hat is often much more becoming and suitable than an overly decorated little hat. A practical everyday suit looks so much better with a beret than with flowers and lace.

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Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

I need more boaters in my life! they are cute with every outfit! x

Vintage Cherry said...

Lovely images, thank-you for sharing!

Debi said...

ahhhh...I love hats! Thanks for posting!

Isis said...

You are very welcome! I love hats too!

Eva said...

I love the breton hat I made from a place mat.

Isis said...

Eva: Yes, that is a very cute hat!

Miss Meadows said...

Tjusig hatt! Gillar den typen av hattar, fast jag é inte så säker på den där blomman...Kan kanske kännas lite överdrivet när man sitter på tunnelbanan ;) Tack för tipset om bloggen "Femtiotalsjakten" föresten! Hade inte läst den tidigare. Nu ska jag bara hitta lite tid att kolla in den ordentligt... :)

Eva said...

Möjligen på tunnelbanan, men inte på spårvagnen :) Hur som helst är det ju en sommarhatt eftersom den är i strå och då tycker jag att blommor passar.

Anonymous said...

Boaters are great, but it's hard to find good ones. I was on the hunt for a plain straw boater last summer and found plenty of options in larger sizes, but I have a small head, and I want my hats undersized to tilt forward and accommodate an updo. So I couldn't find one. Turned out I did have one in my wardrobe, although in different colours.

I wear hats and other headgear on a regular basis. It's gotten to a point where I feel slightly undressed leaving the house without something on my head, but I wear simple headscarves a lot, too, and little side caps. It becomes a habit.

Isis said...

Miss Meadows: Jo, en smula...

Eva: Misstänker att Miss Meadows menar rosen på pälshatten i början av inlägget. :) Din hatt skulle jag inte ha några problem att bära i tunnelbananan.

pimpinett: I try to get myself into the habit as I like the look. I have exercise with my wool berets all winter. :)

VeraVenus said...

Wonderful pictures- I love the turban with roses.
I've been meaning to try my hand at some sewn inspiring post, thank you!

Isis said...

VeraVenus. I look forward to see those- I'm sure your hats will be great!

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