Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Looking back and forward

A new year is almost here and I realise that I will need to start on my spring/summer wardrobe soon if I am to have anything to wear. I'm a little annoyed with myself for not completing the autumn/winter wardrobe this year, but I shan't be too upset about it. This first year demands more clothes to be fixed than the rest as it assumes that a lot of clothes already exists in the closet when you start. Looking back I realise that I could have made this into a five-year plan instead, splitting the first year into two, but now it feels a bit too late. So instead I will finish the clothes I have already started, but will leave the grey wool dress , the brown wool jacket and the faux fur to next autumn instead. There are also a few details I haven't been able to get to yet.

I don't do New Year resolutions but I will try to focus a bit more on my sewing time. Much too often it gets neglected, which is bad as sewing makes me relaxed and happy (if I'm not stupid enough to give myself deadlines). We're also going to fix the sort-of sewing room up and make it a proper working space both for sewing and writing. Right now the sewing room is a bit of a place to store furniture that really isn't practical to have in a sewing room like a Regency sofa and a 1950's radio gramophone. Beautiful, but really no help at all when you work.

Here's an overview with links to the completed items.

Grey wool shirt dress- I have the fabric and the pattern, but that's it.
Simple, long evening gown in black heavy canton crepe. I made a little switch here and will make the black evening gown later, here is the blue one instead.
Housecoat with a belt in thin cotton- Almost done, actually. It needs hemming, pockets and the belt
Black wool dress- Yoke is to be stitched to the bodice and bodice stitched to shirt. The sleeves needs to be set and, of course, hemming and zippers to be fixed.
Good black dress in wool- Well, here I'm not quite sure is the list have a little hiccup or if I'm supposed to get two black wool suits. I don't feel a real need for two wool ones, so I make a little change here and have ordered the adorable Fleur dress in black cotton from Heyday.

Coats and suits
Coat in grey lamb fur- I haven't been able to find a faux grey lamb fur that I have liked, but I have purchased a lovely brownish grey faux wolf fur. I also have the pattern.
Brown sport suit in three pieces, jacket, trousers and skirt.. The trousers are purchased from Heyday, I just haven't got around to take a picture yet. I have wool for the jacket as well as the pattern.
Red Sweater
White sweater, adapted to a stone-coloured one. Both sweaters are from Rocket Originals.
Raincoat in a "natural" colour- Is to be part of the spring/summer wardrobe as well and I'm on the lookout for a suitable fabric.
Grey/brown overcoat in tweed. I couldn't found any born/grey tweed I liked so I bought a grey wool coat from Puttin On the Ritz instead.

Heavy boots- I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at shoes ads and realised that my winter boots actually are dead ringers for these:

Lucky me, eh?
Brown sport shoes- No luck here yet.
Black walking shoes
Black evening shoes- I have a pair of very suitable suede pumps, but no pictures yet.
Rubber boots
Black pumps- No, and is perhaps not that high on my list either.
Green shoes- Would LOVE to find a pair, but no luck so far.

Grey beret
Brown felt hat- halfway done...
Black beret, made from the same fabric as the black dress- Well, I have the fabric...
Green hat in felt

Brown bag in reptile skin- Is yet to be found
Black bag in suede- Is found, just no picture yet
Brown knitted gloves- Nope, but I did get a pair of brown leather gloves for Christmas
Homemade knitted mittens- Yes, several pairs, actually, that my paternal grandmother once made me.
Belt, scarf and clip in green

I have already started on some on the spring/summer clothes and I will start with finishing them. Then the sundress ensemble as I will have the fabric soon and after that the silk noil ensemble.

Dresses and blouses
Black wool dress with short sleeves- I will assume one from autumn/winter as a third one seems a bit too much. The Fleur-dress for me.
Brown dress in silk noil, in three pieces- I know where to get the fabric...
Dress in artificial silk, patterned with small flowers- Half-way done.
White washable shirt dress- Halfway done.
Green blouse in silk noil (the same colour as the green winter hat)- Know where to get the fabric
Yellow and white sundress with a jacket, shorts and blouse- I have just ordered this fabric for it. Not strictly 1940's perhaps, but I fell for the little umbrellas.

An evening gown in a dotted fabric- I'm not quite sure about this one. I see very little need for me to get a long dress and in a year or two this is to be shortened. Perhaps I will just make it in the short version from the beginning.

Coats and suits
Grey suit in flannel- Haven't quite decided if I should sew it or just order this suit from Puttin On the Ritz. Not flannel, but so nice!

Coat in a sandy colour- I'm not quite sure what sandy really means. Beige? Reddish? I' am strongly tempted to fall back on Puttin' On the Ritz again and order this one in yellow linen.

Clogs- Fixed
White fabric shoes- Fixed
Yellow sandals in leather- Have looked without luck so far. I either buy a pair of white leather sandals and dye them yellow, or I'll buy a pair of espadrillos instead.

White beret- Just purchased it!
Felt hat in a sandy colour- Depends on what coat I get.
Remodel the green felt hat- Nope, no re-modelling


snippa said...

Congratulations and well done and acheiving so much towards your wardrobe.
I agree with you about setting deadlines. Making my own clothes is something I do for enjoyment and to escape from pressures.

Anonymous said...

Det låter som om det bara gäller att du får lite extra tid åt att sy klart, så har du snart en drös nya plagg färdiga! Paraplytyget är helt underbart.

Jag har inte heller blivit klar med allt jag planerat för hösten. I början av september lade vi ut huset till försäljning, 10 dagar senare var det sålt, och 25 dagar senare bodde vi i Frankrike och hade nya liv att få igång, så hösten bara försvann.

Isis said...

Snippa: Exactly! I do the mistake from time to time and I always regret it.

Emma: Ja, visst är det ljuvligt! Ja, det låter som en upptagen höst. Jag flyttade för 1 1/2 år sedan och har inte riktigt komnmit i ordning än och jag flyttade 3 km...

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