Monday, 26 December 2011

Nuit de Noel

I hope you are enjoying your holiday! Let’s have a perfum-y Christmas-post today, shall we? It seems rather suitable. I could say that I have eagerly waited to try this perfume until Christmas Eve, but that wouldn’t be quite true. I did try it before, just to make sure I liked it, but I have waited until now to talk about it. Nuit de Noel was released by Caron in 1922 and in case your French is lacking (mine is very rusty) it means Christmas night. It has a bit of a romantic story; it was created by Ernest Daltroff for his lover, who loved Christmas and its scents.

Notes: Rose, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, saxon moss, musk

I was a bit surprised that I liked it as rose and jasmine really isn’t my scents at all, but if I didn’t knew about those notes I would never have thought they were there. It’s a rather low-key perfume, spicy but not at all overpowering. I find both those qualities very suitable to wear on Christmas. Like no other holiday, Christmas is the one I most connect with various scents; gingerbreads, hyacinth, mulled wine, the tree- I don’t need a perfume that is too loud and knocks out the holiday. But its spicy warmth is in perfect tune with Christmas own perfumes, without actually smelling especially Christmas-y. Several reviewers have likened it with the embers of a fire and it conveys the idea of this perfume very well. A perfume with cinnamon and cloves would probably smell very nice, well, I know it smells very nice, as I have some, but it would very easily be too much. I prefer the understated loveliness of Nuit de Noel and can well imagine using this for just Christmas.

Don’t forget my vintage perfume giveaway- it doesn’t end until New Years Eve.

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snippa said...

Happy Christmas!
Georgeous looking bottle and packaging. Do you find all perfume keeps equally well or do some degenerate?

Isis said...

Snippa: Thank you! I hope you are havinga good Christmas!

I can't say that I have got any samples that have smelled like they have gone bad, but I have read reviews on vintage perfumes where the reviewer have had access to several smaples and found that they have smelled very differently.. I guess it depends on how the perfume have been stored and exactly how old it is. Some of my perfume samples have smelled a bit bland and undistinctive, but that may be my body chemistry and not the sample, I think. :)

snippa said...

Last week I threw away some 25yr old Chanel 17 - it was disgusting. I wonder if some types of perfume store better than others.

Mim said...

Oh, Nuit de Noel is just gorgeous!

To keep perfumes in good condition, store them cool and out of the light. The worst thing to do is put one in full view, unboxed, on a dressing table. Heat and light encourage oxidisation. Also, if you have stoppered bottles make sure the stoppers are in tightly, as a loose stopper allows air in (and more oxidisation) and also enables evaporation. Small amounts oxidise more quickly, which is why samples seem to turn faster.

Anonymous said...

Det är alltid spännande med dina parfyminlägg! Jag vill gärna lära mig mer om parfym, men det känns som ett så enormt ämne och jag har inte riktigt kommit fram till skillnaden mellan vad jag gillar och vad som passar min stil.

Eller ålder. Parfymerna jag köpte bara häromåret är nu alldeles för barnsliga. Delvis kanske för att jag gick från student till gift egenföretagare och husägare som umgås med andra gifta par i olika åldrar, och delvis kanske för att jag slutade med p-hormonerna som jag gått på sedan puberteten (en väldig hormonomställning, plötsligt fick mörka ögonfransar och ögonbryn efter att ha haft blonda hela livet).

Laurie Brown said...

Nuit de Noel was my mother's very favorite perfume, and I love it, too, both because of the scent itself and because of sentimental reasons.

I haven't had any in 20 years or more, but I understand that they've released it again, reformulated. While I understand why some old perfumes have to be reformulated, I hate to think of this one being changed.

Isis said...

Snippa. What Mim says. :) A perfume that is standing out in the light will deteriotae much faster.

Mim: Exactly! :)

Emma: Det är inte så lätt att hitta "sin" parfym, speciellt som man ju faktiskt ändrar sig, som du säger. Men jag tror man ska se till vad man gillar och inte se sig blind på att hitta "rätt" stil. :) Kanske du kan börja med att fundera på vilka doftkomponenter du dras till? Blommigt, kryddigt osv. Och sedan försöka hitta en mer vuxen parfym i samma stil.

Laurie Brown: I can imagine you love it!

Johanna Öst said...

Loved reading this! When I was in New York just recently I was planning to visit Caron, and I was especially looking forward to trying Nuit de Noël. But since I really couldn't afford anything anyway I decided to not go at all, which I'm kind of regretting. Your perfume posts are some of my favourites!

Isis said...

Johanna: I'm very glad you like them! Yes, even if you can't shop, it would be nice to just go there and smell. :)

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