Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Upcoming attractions

After writing about the ideal body I had planned to tie that in with an intelligent post about the ideal body shape, comparing it with the decades before and after the 1940's, but today is the day after our cat Adolf had surgery and all the tension has gone out of me and left me feeling a bit worn out and not very creative at all. You may have seen that we had to take away our cat Frida last week and the same day we found out that Adolf had a cancer tumour on his hind leg. Luckily it could be removed, thought it was as large as his paw! He is currently very annoyed with us, having to wear a big collar to prevent him from licking his wound.

But I promise, there will be a long post about girdle's and whatnot's very soon!

(Picture source: http://flow.allpinup.ru/en/view/normal/2527)


Miss Meadows said...

Looking forward to the girdle post, and sending my best wishes to Adolf. May he heal and prosper...After he gets out of that humiliating collar... ;)

Isis said...

Miss Meadows: Thank you! He is doing very well and manage to remove the collar at least once a day! :D

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