Thursday, 22 December 2011

I wish I was a rich girl #5

I’m still feeling very un-intellectual, so here comes an easy shopping post instead. There’s a life after Christmas too, after all and plenty of time for long and interesting posts. Up until this week the weather in Sweden has been very unwintery and there have been more need for umbrellas than warm coats. So here is a little umbrella post- I especially love the fanciful handles!

I like the unusual shape of this one

White rose umbrella

Umbrella and top hat brooch

A child’s plaid umbrella with a carved dog handle

A rhinestone umbrella brooch

Plaid umbrella with a Lucite handle

Another Plaid umbrella with a Lucite handle

Just a handle, but what a handle!

(The first picture found at


Tia said...

Everything about that outfit is amazing. I wish I could dress like that all the time. :D

Laurence said...

I love umbrellas... but hate rain!!!!!
I own myself about 30 umbrellas from the 50's... never find a 30's or 40's one in a good condition always with holes on the fabric.

Isis said...

Tia: I agree!

Laurence: Wow. My Mum has two from the fifties that used to belong to my grandmother- they're beautiful!

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