Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Down To Earth

Down To Earth from 1947 is a rather silly story, plot-wise. A muse, Rita Hayworth, gets enraged over a musical that she finds offensive and gets down to earth as a dancer to put things right. Of course she is quite wrong. Of course she fall sin love. But Hayworth is lovely as usual.

I love this fur hat and have tried to find a better picture, to no avail. The bow on the side is green to match the dress underneath.

I like the fur too, with its rather funny midriff.

And I really like the blouse!

Neat pockets!

The enraged muses. Greek godess fashion and hairstyles through a 1947's lens...

The movie is in colour, so it is a pity that most pictures are black and white.



Rowenna said...

I love this movie! Rita Hayworth is always so lovely.

Isis said...

Yes, I adore her and have since I was four, or so. :)

garofit said...

That blouse is cool!

Isis said...

Garofit: I think so too!

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