Thursday, 10 May 2012

A review on Pleated beret with accent trim

The Pattern
I bought the pattern for the 1930's Pleated beret with accent trim as a PDF-pattern from Kalliedesigns at Etsy. When writing this the cost was $4.25. It was mailed to me very promptly, well within the time limit of 24 hours. The pattern is a copy of an old one, and is a bit sloppily executed, I'm sorry to say. The lines are broad and uneven and you need to redraw them to get an even shape. That is, however, not difficult to do. The pattern also contains 2 pages of sewing instructions. I find those easy to follow, but I suspect that you might find it a bit more difficult if you are unused to sewing.

Making the beret
The whole process of making the berest took about 3 1/2 hours, and that includes printing and cutting out the pattern, searching for fabric and notions and the actual sewing. I thought it was a very easy pattern to use. I made it out of faux suede and it took a lot less than the 1/2 yard the pattern calls for, some grossgrain ribbon and an old buckle. Everything I used came from my stash. The finished beret is very soft and I think it may look better in a fabric with more body to it, but as it is you can play around quite a bit with the shape.

So all in all I thought it was a breeze to make and quite cute when finished.


Anushka said...

It looks very sweet and I like the colours you chose. It would be nice to see what it looks like on a head from a different angle, though! :)

Isis said...

Anushka: Thank you! I hope to take some pics weraing it soon!

grmpf said...

Very cute! The buckle and the grosgrain ribbon make it look like it comes straight from the hatmaker :-) .
Do you actually wear hats in everyday life? I dress mostly vintage, but I only ever wear hats on special occasions when I am going out with my vintage friends.

Isis said...

grmpf: Thank you!

I would like to, but I don't. I try to train myself into wearing hats more often, though. :)

Anonymous said...

grmpf? WTF happened here? That was me commenting. Sorry for the "grmpf", whereever it came from and thanks for the reply.
I wear knit berets in winter, but no hats. A shame, really. I have so many nice 40ies hats and they almost never get to see the sun.
I really like your style, btw. You everyday looks are great.

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