Monday, 7 May 2012

Retail therapy

I feel much better than I did last week, but I'm still weak as a kitten. I also have had plenty of time to go through Etsy and found a few nuggets that I felt I needed as extra medication.

Two novelty print housedresses from the same place. Homesewn by a woman who passed away in 1944. I think they will make really nice summer frocks.

This dress is not from the 40's, even if the style is- I would guess early 80's. Still, I like the cut and the colour and it was really cheap, so I took a chance, even if it is in polyester.

A 60's cardigan, but the style is pretty classic. And I fell for the colour- I haven't worn yellow since I was three, but now I have this and also the yellowe ensemble I just finished.

The most extravagant of my purchases, an evening gown in silk from the late 30's. I just couldn't resist it and I do have occasions in May to wear it.


Lina Sofia said...

wow! Lovely purchases! I had those two house dresses on my watch list! you snagged them from me haha :) only kidding, I'm on a shopping ban for the rest of the month. Hope you feel better soon! xx

Anonymous said...

ÅÅHH,, Snygga klänningar! Har aldrig köpt kläder från etsy, men nu blir jag ju jäkligt frestad! :)

Kristina said...

Fina köp! Skärningen och färgen på den rosa polyesterklänningen är verkligen superb, kanske kan du återskapa det i andra material och mönster och med olika ärmar om den är perfekt för dig?

snippa said...

Gorgeous purchases - hope the retail therapy works its magic.

Isis said...

Lina Sofia: Ooops, sorry! :) And thank you, I do!

retroolivia: Det är ju alltid lite osäkert när man köper över nätet, men jag har hitills haft tur utom ett par handskar som var mycket mindre än de såldes som. Men annars så tycker jag att Etsy är väldigt bra- lättare att hitta fynd än på Ebay.

Kristina: Ja, jag tänkte så också. Och den kostade 160:-, så även om dne inte funkar så har jag inte ruinerat mig på den.

snippa: Well, i feel a lot better now, so it seems it has! ;)

Rosie Alia said...

Those dresses are super cute...there's nothing like a bit of retail therapy when you're ill is there!

And sometimes you just can't beat a bit of bright yellow. I am on the lookout for a cardigan like that too, to match my yellow shoes and bag I have accumulated. Roll on summer weather! xx

Isis said...

Rosie Alia: And they have already arrive and are super cute in reality too!

I'm looking for yellow sandals, but so far I haven't found any that I like.

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