Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hats from NK

Nordiska Kompaniet, or NK, was Swedens most exclusive department store, probably still is though it nowadays is more of an exclusive mall instead and to me it has lost a lot of the charm it had in my childhood. There are still some excellent stores though, especially when it comes to perfume. A lot of fashion has been sold there over the years and the museum Nordiska has many photographs that depict what was among the more fashionable in Sweden during the 30's and 40's. Recently i have been on a hat search binge in their archives and this is what i pulled up:


Felt hat with feathers. Love the model's hair!

Green felt hat in teh shape of a parcel, complete with sealing wax. Funny!



Black felt and veil.

1939. I want this hat so badly!


Look at the model's makeup. DEfinitely not matte lipstick here and the eyeshadow has a distinct shine too!


Not a hat for cars or low ceilings...



1947. Brown felt and yellow feather.


Mim said...

It's fascinating seeing them in chronological order like that - it gives a really good idea of what hat trends were and how they changed over the years.

snippa said...

Great inspiration, thanks for sharing.

Lenora Jane said...

Aaaaah the parcel hat! I have really been feeling hats-that-look-like-other-objects lately and that one is my new favorite.

Isis said...

Mim: Yes, I thought so too. :)

Snippa: Thank you!

Lenora Jane: I think it is great too!

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