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Suitable shoes

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Of course Alla kvinnors bok doesn't just tell you what clothes to wear, it talks about shoes as well. It begin that with lamenting that Swedish woken has so much bigger feet than the French and the Italian and also that we live in a climate with plenty of both rain and snow-a all things that makes it difficult to be both well-shod and find beautiful shoes. I can't agree that larger feet are unprettier than smaller ones, but I really agree that the climate may make it hard to find the both practical and pretty. However, never buy shoes just because they look nice- the most important part is that they fit.

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Spring and autumn Buy shoes made of thinner kidskin, either oxfords with a leather covered military heels (straight, not too tall heel), about 5 1/2-6 cm tall or high- or low cut court shoe. The higher cut has the advantage that it it fits the foot more and makes the shoe more stable to walk in. A lowcut wingtip court shoe with 5 1/2-6 cm heel is always fashionable.

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Winter Wear brouges, derby shoes or boots. Make sure they have thick soles and low heels. Best if they are lace-ups over a tongue.

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Summer court shoes in white, brown and black are always a good choice, you can also wear two-tones ones in white/black or white/brown- that's a classic. Sandals are also very suitable for hot weather. In the countryside you can always wear clogs.

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Parties For the evenings sandals in gold and silver can be worn or court shoes in silk in white, black or coloured to match the gown. For less grand occasions choose a court shoe in suede with a covered heel.

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Other shoes you need are are slipper and something for rainy days, rain boots or Galoshes.

Don't think that the inside doesn't matter. Brown shoes should be lined in brown, but on a black shoe, grey lining is very smart.

Take good care of your shoes. A wet shoe should never be dried close to a radiator or the leather may crack. Put in a shoe block or stuff it with scrunched up newspapers instead and let it dry away from heat. When it's warm outside, then air your shoes in an open window or on your balcony. And, of course, always make sure that your shoes are brushed and shined

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KittyMeow said...

Oh my GOSH those last shoes and bag are absolutely to die for!! Wowee. I bet they're worth a bomb too.\

I can just squeeze into some of the larger 40s shoes. Found a pair of deadstock black slingbacks which fit nice after a bit of leather stretcher was applied. The heels on them are so soft though, made of that cork stuff (or whatever it is) so they wear down quite quickly.

Anne Toft said...

THAT'S MY SHOES! That's my shoes - in picture no. 5 - how cool is that!? The likeness is near perfect! I'm gonna borrow your picture and write about it in my blog :D

Isis said...

KittyMeow: Oh yes, I wouldn't mind havinge those! Your shoes looks very nice! Perhpas its possible to put on a sole to save the cork?

Anne Toft: How cool! I look forward to see your shoes!

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