Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I wish I was a rich girl #2

December is almost upon us, so why not wish that you would buy all these gorgeous Christmas ornaments? My favourite kind of tree ornaments is glass baubles. I buy a new one every year and though they occasionally break, my tree is quite full by now. I’m not big on decorating, but I want my tree overloaded with tinsel and glittery glass ornaments. I also have the three lights my grandmother Greta bought for the very first Christmas as a married woman in 1943. I’m so happy that they are still in working order and in their original box too! My maternal grandparents only had plain round glass baubles but my paternal grandparents had ornaments in all kind of shapes and I have found their counterparts on Etsy. I especially love the ones which are dimpled, as a child I found them absolutely fascinating!

Drop Christmas tree ornaments

Baubles in cream and silver

Irregular baubles

Gold baubles

Pink frosted bauble. Evidently baubles without a reflecting metallic was due to metal shortage during the war.

More drop ornaments

Mica baubles, very unusual to me.

Silver frosted ornaments

Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree light reflectors

Vintage foil Poinsettia Candle Holders

Drummer boys

Jewled icicle ornament

Santa with his reindeers

Santa Claus Bank

I’m not sure that I would want to wear it, but this turban in very Christmassy colours are really something!

Or, why not knit your very own reindeer sweater?

Real jingle bell ornament card

I think this greeting card is very cute!

Please note that I'm not endorsed by any of these sellers. I have chosen things I like without any regards to price or seller's reputation.


Katrin said...

My paternal grandparents have baubles like those in the first picture, too. I love them and look forward to seeing them every year. Right now I´m surfing around on ebay to find some cheap ones for myself :).

Isis said...

Yes, I think I need some too! :)

Mrs J said...

The reindeer sweater was kind of cute! I've asked my mom to knit me a fair isle sweater for x-mas (or whenever it'll be finished...).

Isis said...

MrsJ: I thought so too! I wish I would knit well, but I don't and unfortunately my Mum has stopped knitting. :/

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