Thursday, 10 November 2011

A review on Bèsame lipstick

Like so many others I have been looking with longing on the beautiful products from Bèsame. So stylish and with such design, looking so much like make-up packages did on the good old days. And everyone who tried seemed to rave over the quality, especially the lipsticks. I have been a bit scared to order anyway, just because I have felt unsure on what colour to choose. Luckily Bèsame offers samples on six of their lipsticks, namely:
Bèsame Red, a cool-toned true red.
Cherry Red, darker cherry red, cool-toned.
Red Velvet, darker red, neutral
Red Hot Red, a warm-toned true red
Carmine, a orange red
Merlot, a brownish red.

The samples are very generous- the website says 10+ applications from one and that is true. I understand that these samples used to be shaped like small lipsticks, but now you get them in a little pot, so you need to use a pencil to apply them. You do get a pencil in the sample pack too, of not too shabby quality.

I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. I’m notoriously bad in remembering touching up my lips during the day, so I’m very pleased to find that my lips usually look good but the end of the day, even if I forget to touch up. I usually just do one layer of lipstick, bit the excess off and then forget about it and usually the lipstick has faded a little, but it’s still clearly there. It also fades evenly. The one exception was the day when there was a crème sauce involved in my lunch. Fat dissolves most lipsticks, I think. I find the formula very easy to work with and I don’t find the lipsticks at all drying.

As for the colors, I like them all, except Merlot, which is a bit too brown for me. I was a bit surprised over Carmine as I’m not fond of orange lipsticks, but I find it much more of a coral-shade and quite flattering too. I was also a little surprised over Red Hot Red, as I prefer cool-toned lipsticks, but it does work on my skin tone. However, my favorites are definitely Red Velvet and Bèsame Red.

I’m not very good at taking pictures of lipstick, so I’ve only managed to cover there of my samples. Still, you may find it interesting.

Red Velvet

Red Hot Red


I suppose I ought to take the cons too, which has nothing to do with the quality or the design of the lipsticks. The Classic Color lipstick cost $22 and it is significantly smaller than the average lipstick, which do get you less lipstick for a rather high price. However, these lipsticks are much pigmented so I don’t think it’s quite as bad a deal as it may seem at first. If you are on a budget it may still be too expensive too. Bèsame also sell lipsticks in “normal” lipstick size for $35, but there are only three shades. One of those, Red Velvet, can also be purchased as a small lipstick. And just because the lipsticks are rather expensive, I also think it’s a con that the samples set aren’t available at all times. You can buy them at the moment, but I purchased my samples set in August from What Katie Did, because right then I could get it from Bèsame. (And right now you can’t get it from What Katie Did anymore).

Will I buy again? Yes, absolutely as I really liked the quality. And I’m hankering for one of the lipsticks just because they are so beautiful, so when my samples finally run out, I’ll definitely get one of two.

I always think that one should read more than one review to get a more rounded idea of a product, so here are a few other thoughts;

Casey on Red Velvet
Retro Chic
Pink Sith
Everyday Beauty
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Girl Decorated

Yes, you can see I'm happy about my lipsticks!

Pictures not taken by me have been borrowed from:


Lithia Black said...

Good review, I really should take my time and write reviews of my besame products. But life has an irritating tendency to get in the way all the time :P

Mrs J said...

I got the Besame Red in London this summer. A great colour on me (pale, blond, blue-eyed)! I always use MAC's prep+prime lip under red lipsticks btw. Although Besame Red might be The Perfect Red for me I keep looking ;-) You should go check out Estée Lauder's pure color lipstick in Red Velvet. It's red matte with very high pigmentation. Just don't kiss anyone on their cheek. My 13-year-old son was NOT happy with me...

Andrea said...

I've been wearing Besame Cherry Red ever day for about 2.5 years. In that time, I've only had to buy 2 lipsticks, so they last over a year. I find that they last all day, providing that you use a good lipliner. If I'm careful about eating and drinking, I don't even need to touch up after a meal. Besame is my favorite brand of lipstick. I recently got a Rockalily lipstick and the color is as nice but is a bit thick and sticky. I probably won't buy another one. However, being in the States, Besame is cheaper for me.

Kristina said...

Ohhh. I love this post!And all the links. (You are allways, so generous Isis...) I resently got a little box containing 5 cute lttle Besame Enchanting lippies, theye are bullet shaped and have the chissel shaped tip. I'dont realy know were this very nice vintagy package is from it was a hand me dowbn from a precious friend that had realised that 60's nudes are more Her thing...I.m moust grateful.

The box contains :
Besame Red-(which I have tried and loooved.)
Cherry Red
Red Hot Red
Red Velvet
Noir Red- deep burgundy plummy shade

I will also try to take some pictures and write a rewiev of these wry glamouros lovelies as soon I have some deasant camera avilable and when I know where to actually purchase the set.

Thank You Dear Isis!

Miss Meadows said...

Thanx for the review! I have been thinking about getting at least one color of these lipsticks, but worried a bit about how good they really are. I want my lipstick to stay on for a long time! The "Red Hot Red" looks like the color for me! :)

Rowenna said...

Thanks for this review! I've been covetting these lipsticks, and will keep an eye out for the samples to be available again. (PS LOVE What Katie Did for stockings, too!)

The Dreamstress said...

Great review. Besame has only recently become available in NZ, and I love it SO MUCH!

I'm totally addicted to Besame Red (the best true red I have *ever* tried, and I've tried them all, from Revlon to Chanel). The face powder is also to-die-for, and I can't wait for my current mascara to expire so that I can buy the Besame mascara.

The one thing I don't like is the lip gloss - too thick and sticky for my taste, and smells funny. However, everyone else seems to swear by it.

Interesting that you mention the price. Makeup is so expensive here in NZ, that I think Besame is great value for the quality. It's all a matter of perspective!

Olivia said...

Great review, wished I got me one of those or at least looked at the colors (they all looked great) when I was in London and WKD but I was in such a hurry... The need to get another red lipstick really hit hard this time.. ;) will I be able to resist and wish it for christmas I wonder.

/ Olivia

Isis said...

Lithia: And you are most welcome to post it here when you do! :)

MrsJ: I do too. :) The only MAC product I have ever liked, actually. I think the quest for the perfect red is forever ongoing... ;) Thank you for the tip!

Andrea: I like Rockalilly very much, but the quality of Bèsame is truly outstanding. I think my samples will last me a long time... At the moment the dollar is low compared to the Swedish krona, so I don't find Bésame expensive right now. Perhaps I should stock up...

Kristina: What a nice gift! It sounds like you have the old sample set from Bèsame. Noir Red sounds very nice. Please do take pics!

Isis said...

Miss Meadows: I think Bèsame has the best quality I have ever tried, so I can recommend the, but of course, personal opinion may wary.

Rowenna: Last tie I looked they were avaiable at the Bèsame website. LOVE WKD stockings too!

The Dreamstress: I'm very tempted to try out the powder! If not for the thrill of the beautiful compact! At the moent I don't find Bèsame expensive as teh dollar is low compared to the krona, but the quality is so good that I wouyld buy it anyway. But all the matter os prespective and budget, yes. :)

Olivia: I' glad you enjoyed it!

April Brooks said...

I shop in the Burbank Boutique and Gabriella the owner always takes as much time as each client needs, which to me says a lot about the quality of her business overall :-)

I have Red Hot Red, and while I normally wear cooler reds, this is a great neutral that I believe would work well on all skin types.

I also recommend the rouge, as I apply the rouge to my lips as well as my cheeks. So if price is a factor I believe the rouge is a really great value! I would compare the color of the rouge on my lips to the Besame Red lipstick.

The $22 (USD) price is very fair when you consider the overall product. The packaging is much more attractive than comparable and even more expensive brands. The color is highly pigmented so it lasts much longer than other lipsticks I've owned.

Because I can try the samples a few times before purchase, I will almost always go with a Besame color as it is a great investment and I know the color will work for me when I buy. And I love the red and gold bullet-style tube...much more glam than any other on the market!

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