Sunday, 6 November 2011

The benefits of moving

Though exercise wasn’t as hyped in the 1940’s as it is today, it was still something that was considered good for you. Interestingly my beauty books don’t mention weight loss when it speaks about the virtues of moving your body, though it does say that exercise will keep your body trim. It put much more stress on the joy of being able to control your movements and to feel liberated in your body as well as promoting your health and vitality.

The advice is to do your exercise every morning for 15 minutes- get up a little earlier to find the time. The kind of exercise is what the book call gymnastics, but we probably would call aerobics. Start slowly if you are new to it and gradually build up your strength, but do try work hard enough to feel completely warm. Keep you posture throughout and don’t forget to breathe properly. Be very careful when you stretch out your muscles! Do your exercise in front of an open window, of, if possible, outside.

After your morning exercise you need to finish with a shower. First hot, then cold and after that soaping up. Rinse with tepid, then cold water and finish with brushing you whole body with as hard a brush that you can stand. Dry yourself vigorously and you will feel energized and ready for the day.

These 15 minutes are to be combined with a daily walk, but if the weather doesn’t permit that, then add some more indoor activity, namely skipping ropes, at least 100-200 skips.

I’m not the sporty type and my idea of exercise seems to be quite well interpreted in the picture of Joan Crawford below. I detest going to gym and I feel bored very quickly, but 15 minutes a day does seem very doable, doesn’t it? Having a dog means daily walks, but I know I would benefit for moving a bit more. I think I shall take the advice from my old book and add some aerobics to my everyday routine.

(Picture sources: Joan Crawford and Janis Paige was found at A Certain Cinema. The pin up at Ebay and the exercising ladies at Fashion Police.)


Anonymous said...

Jag har alltid haft svårt att motivera mig att träna, men sedan så fick vi låna på lång tid en bänkpress och när man alltid har gymmet nära till hands är det både billigt och enkelt. Jag skaffade ett hopprep, lite hantlar, en matta och en träningsboll och sedan var det lätt att klämma in 15-20 minuter träning innan jobbet/middagen. Hunden hjälper förstås också, men framförallt var det tillgängligheten som gjorde det mycket lättare för mig. Min man, som aldrig skulle gå till ett gym, började också träna när det fanns hemma.

Kate O said...

Haha, thought this was about the benefits of moving house! I was intrigued as to how such activity is anything but stressful and time consuming! x

Auntie said...

I walked 3 miles a day, 6 days a week, for 15 years and gained weight the whole time!!!
Today's glossy magazines would indicate this is impossible.
HA, I say!
When I finally came to terms with it, I backed off my exercise significantly. I have managed to lose 21 pounds in 4 months. Yes, I have been watching, but not really restricting, what I've been eating. AND Yes, I'd like to drop another 20 or so.
I DO agree that exercise gives one a glorious sense of body control, and general well-being. So I haven't given it up entirely.

Popbabe7 said...

I'm the same as you, I really dislike the gym!! I walk to work everyday and I'm able to come home for lunch so it's 4 times 10 minutes in the day. I was doing Modern Jive dancing some years ago but had to stop for several reasons, I started again last week and it felt really good. You have a proper work-out without realising it- it ticks all the boxes for me!!

Lina Sofia said...

I thought it was about moving house first too! I thought, oh great, some advice.. haha. Well, I've decided to start moving my body more after my move to Brighton! It's a new start for my body too, at least that's my ambition.... I hate, hate, hate the gym, so it'll be all walks and cycle rides and such.

Isis said...

Emma: Ja, tillgänglighet tror jag på! I alla fall om man inte har en naturlig dragning till att sporta. :D

Kate O: Sorry to disappoint. ;) I wish I had such advice- I hate moving house!

Auntie: The older I get, I wonder if moderations isn't the key to success in many cases. Eat in moderation and move in moderation. :)

Popbabe7: That sounds fun! I love to dance, but my irregular work schedule makes it impossible to go on courses.

Lina Sofia. Sorry... :D I think walks and bike rides are much more fun than the gym anyway. I love swimming too, but preferably in the sea, which makes it a bit hard when summer is over...

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