Sunday, 3 April 2011

Retroella, a vintage hairdresser

Last Thursday I had a haircut at Retroella, a vintage hairdresser in Stockholm. (I urge you to check the gallery for some lovely hairstyles!) When I first decided to get a middy cut last year i did what I guess most do. Armed myself with the diagram for a middy that floats around on the Net and tried to explain for the hairdresser what I wanted. I must say that he didn't do badly and was also quite enthusiastic, but when I heard of Retroella I knew I wanted to have my hair cut by someone who actually knew what a middy was.

I was not disappointed. The haircut is great and I'm really pleased with it. Retroella herself was very nice too, friendly and easy to chat with. The hairdresser is quite new in Stockholm, it opened just in January, but I'm sure it will be very popular. I know I will go back at least. It is located at Hornsgatan 100 and a hair-cut is 450 SEK ( about $71 or £44). I have no idea if that is expensive or not, as my Mum has cut my hair for the last ten years, but its affordable for my wallet at least. You can also get your hair styled or getting a vintage hair-do for a special occasion. There are also courses in setting pin-curls or learning different hair-do. I'm very tempted to learn more on how to put up my hair.

And here is the result. I was lucky and got my hair-cut a week when there was a special offer to get your hair styled to no extra cost. My hair was set in pin-curls and blow-dried and then only slightly brushed, so the first day it was quite curly. You can what kind of pin-curls at Retroella's blog., The photos are taken after I got home and the frisky spring breezes had worked on the curls a bit.

When I went the bed I secured my curls into pin-curls again and the next day I brushed the hair a bit more vigorously. Looked good that way too, I think!


Evie said...

Your hair looks great!

Megan said...

What a fantastic haircut!

Isis said...

Thank you! I'm very happy with it!

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