Saturday, 30 April 2011


I know I say that I love most of the movies I talk about, but Gilda from 1946 (actually filmed in -45) is definitely in my top ten list.

Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford) is a gambler who becomes friends and second-in-command to a sinister casino owner, Mundson (George Macready). Everything goes splendidly until Mundson brings home his new wife, Gilda (Rita Hayworth). Unknown to Mundson, Johnny and Gilda has been lovers and now, for unknown reasons) they hate each other with a passion. I shan’t say more about it, in case you haven’t seen the movie. There is a sub-plot about Mundson’s shady business, but the main thing is the twisted love between Johnny, Gilda and Mundson. It’s a brilliant movie, period.

Of course, Rita Hayworth has a number of gorgeous costumes too.

I love this, well, loungewear? Dressing gown? I want it! It seems so much more practical than a dressing gown that you tie close, mine is forever slipping open. I wonder about the material, one opinion I have got is cashmere.

"I have never been good with zippers"

It's an amazing gown. And amazing that Hayworth could wear it and dance in it when she had given birth just four months before. Let's see her dance, shall we?

I only recently learned that Hayworth didn't sang herself, which surprised me. She's very good at pretending.

I love the collar here!


Vintage Vicky said...

This is one of my favourite movies too. I love all her outfits but especialy the loungewear. I watched this recently and all the screen caps I took are exactly the same as yours :-)

Cinquefoil said...

She didn't sing herself?? I never knew! Well, love her anyway, I've always wanted to have her hair, to the point that I dyed mine red too once...:) I think the lounge outfit could very well be cashmere, I certainly wouldn't mind having one like that in let's say three ply cashmere. :)


Isis said...

Vintage Vicky: LOL. But they ARE great costumes!

Piia: Seems like she wanted to learn to sing, but the movie companies weren't interested. I think the woman who sings sounds a lot like Rita do when she talks, so they did a good job with it.

Me too! Altough I think I shall try to make on ein a slightly more practical material...

casey said...

Gilda is one of my absolute favorite movies--I never tire of watching it! :) I've always wanted to make outfits with a similar flair that several of the costumes Rita wore--especially the evening gowns!

- Casey

Isis said...

Casey: Me neither! I have always loved her black evening dress. It must have a fantastic under structure to hold up like it do when she moves!

Sari said...

I love this movie, I'll have to watch it again sometime soon! Confession: sometimes, when I am getting gussied up to go out, I get "Put the Blame on Mame" stuck in my head! I guess I channel Rita as Gilda when I'm trying to get glamorous!

Isis said...

Sari: I think that is an excellent choice for get some glamour going!

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