Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Current sewing projects

Despite talking about a lot of other things, I do work on my wardrobe. I sew diligently, but I also sew slowly, so it takes time. I’m currently working on this housedress from Decades of Style. So far I find the pattern a dream to work with. I had planned to make it in a black and white fabric, but it turned out to be a tad too short. As I didn’t want a forties mini-dress I returned to my stash and pulled out this fabric:

It’s really a late 18th century reproduction in a thin, but nice, cotton and I have had it for years. Somehow I never found the right gown for it, so now it will be a housedress instead.

I’m also looking for tweed for a coat. What I want is a tweed in grey and brown, which seems to be a rather unpopular combination. There sure are a lot of lovely wools out there and in a pinch I can go for something brown or grey. However, I have a friend who owns a fabric store and she is helping me. I found this website, though; Design your own tartan. I have no idea what it would cost, probably hideously expensive, but I really like the idea that you can get a checkered fabric exactly as you want it. But back to my friend with the fabric store. I visited last week and noosed around for a grey wool crepe, which I didn’t find, but I did found a 1940’s reproduction cotton. Of course I couldn’t resist it. In the spring and summer wardrobe for year one I should get a dress in artificial silk patterned with flowers. Perhaps I will skip the artificial silk part and make it in cotton instead. Yesterday I found this picture in Mormor hade stil:

It reminded me that I recently bought a original shirtdress pattern from New Vintage Lady. My plan is to make it in thin grey wool, but I think I will try out the pattern with the short sleeves for my cotton.

Don’t you think it will be pretty?


Cinquefoil said...

Oh ys it will! Love both fabrics, and especially the pinky one with small flowers. Very lovely and summery.


Kristina said...

This is exactly the kind of dresses I love! Simple floral cottondresses are the best!
The fabric for the housedress is just adorable and the other one is super cute. But mayby the cute floral would be more right for the housedress and vice versa...?

Isis said...

Piia: I think so too. It's funny, but I have never cared for flower-patterns before, but suddenly they feel very much needed!

Kristina: Well, to be fair, to me even a "simple" housedress looks like a pefectly respectable summer frock. :) I will probably use it as that too.

Cathi said...

That dress in that material will be lovely indeed! Can't wait to see the pics.

Isis said...

Cathi: Thank you! I'm sure it will!

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