Friday, 8 April 2011

I read blogs

I read blogs. You read blogs. Well, at least you read this, don’t you? I read them for inspiration, to learn something or getting another point of view. The problem is finding them. Most of the blogs I read I know about because their writers have found me. Someone put my blog on their reading list, I go and look and find something new. Then I find blogs because someone talks about them and I get curious. Or I google for something and find an interesting blog that way. I blithely assume that you too like to find new blogs, so I thought that I every now and then, would highlight a blog I read and like. Hopefully you will find a new favourite that way. Also, I know how happy I get when my blog is mentioned elsewhere, so I hope I can make someone else happy that way.

The first blog I would like to highlight is Lina Sofia’s Spiffing Sporadics of a Vintage Girl . Lina Sofia is a fellow Swede, relocated to Britain and she writes about a number of vintage related topics, with a focus on the forties and fifties. Apart from being pretty and stylish, she also has a knack of finding truly inspirational pictures. One of my favourite posts is this one; Colour me 40’! , on popular colour and colour combinations.

There is only one thing weird with this blog- the amazing fact that not more people read it!


Lina Sofia said...

Wow thank you Isis! What a huge compliment coming from you and your fantastic blog! :) This has made my day! xxx

Kristina said...

...well I just mentioned your blog to Olivia, yesterday. Being generous, kind and to share things is to me the most inportant thing in life and also in blogging.¨

Isis said...

You are most welcome, Lina Sofia! I'm glad I made you happy!

Thank you Kristina! Very kind of you! I agree with you too. :)

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