Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I read blogs

I’m in a bit of a forties funk at the moment, as you may have noticed. Partly because I’m packing, there are going to be extensive renovation of the plumbing in our house and we can’t live at home for five weeks, starting on Monday. I’m not very happy about that. And partly because I started to read up on makeup history and got a bit submerged in the subject. I will try to pull myself together and write something interesting soon. Meanwhile I would like to point you to my friend Eva’s blog: Evas liv, med sömsmån. You may have seen her previous blog, Om stil, though it was only in Swedish. This one has both Swedish and English text.

Eva is a doctor in history with a special interest in fashion, both very old and not so old. She has a wonderful sense of style and I’m constantly in awe over her sewing productivity, especially considering all the other things in life she has to juggle with. She is also a very nice person and writes very well, so go and have a look!

(The name of the blog is a pun; liv in Swedish means both bodice and life, so the title can be read either as Eva’s bodice pattern with seam allowance, or Eva’s life.)


Eva said...

Aaw. Thank you dear.

Breathless said...

Evas blogg är fin!

Isis said...

Eva: My pleasure!

Breathless: Visst är den!

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