Monday, 22 August 2011

Lovely lipstick ads

Wasn’t make up ads lovelier back then? Some of these I could happily frame and hang on the wall. And some I would love to try out, like this liquid lipstick.

I love that the ad tells you which colour on the lipstick goes with the colours of the clothes!

Worth mentioning again- not all lipsticks were red in the 1940's, as can be seen here.

All the images found at Vintage Ad Browser.


Auntie said...

My daughter brought back a bottle of liquid lipstick (applied with a brush that tickles) for me from a trip to London.

casey said...

I love the Tangee ad with the different colors! I've been meaning to go to the cosmetics store and hunt down something other than my usual red or coral lipstick... I think I might look for something a bit lighter inspired by the ad. ;)

Isis said...

Auntie: I didn't know they make that anymore. :) What is the brand called?

Casey: Me too! I love red lipstick, but it's nice with variation.

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