Wednesday, 31 August 2011

How to choose a flattering hairdo

My trusty book, Alla kvinnors bok has opinions on everything, so of course it gives advice on how to choose the perfect hairdo. It start out by saying that Swedish hair colours are usually quite boringly mousy, but if your hair is on the blonder side then you can bleach the top hair around your face. A darker blond will benefit from using henna shampoo to give the colour depth. When choosing your new hairdo, take the advice from a good hairdresser, but never from a man. The Swedish man, according to my book, are extremely conservative when it comes to female hair and don’t want flowers or any other kind of jewelry in it. It shouldn’t be too curly or too straight or too much in any way. So don’t even ask him.

What you should consider though, are how much time you are prepared to give your hair. Also consider your clothes and what kind of hat you will wear. Most important, consider yourself, your looks and personality. And remember, you may change over time and then your hair may need change too.

If you have a large nose; Balance it with a bouffant neckline, using curls, a chignon or a large roll. (Example, bild 1)

Thin hair; Use fake hair, braids or chignons. (Example, bild 2)

Close between the eyes; Keep the hair wide around the temples. (Example, bild 3)

The evenings give greater freedom and variations. But take care of the style your evening dress are in. An 1880’s inspired gown can’t be worn with loose hanging hair and if the dress is in a Regency style, then the chignon wouldn’t do.

A rococo-inspired hairdo. (Example, bild 4)

1880’s style of hair. (Example, bild 5)

Modern hair for a young girl. (Example, bild 6)

An exotic look will do well with a hair that underlines that. (Example, bild 7.
An American hairdo looks much better on a blond beauty. (Example, bild 8)

And a Slavic look with broad cheekbones needs another kind of hairdo. (Example, bild 9)

A woman who enjoys her sports looks very nice in short hair. Cut it as short as possible while still being able to get permed. Only remember that you need to perm your hair a bit more often, every third month. (Example, bild 10)


Susan said...

Beautiful drawings!
But it´s not only the swedish men, you also shouldn´t ask my boyfriend when it comes to female (vintage) hairdos ;-)

Isis said...

Susan: Aren't they?

LOL, and my darling IS Swedish and very supportive when it comes to them. :)

Miss Marie said...

This is fabulous, what glamorous, lovely drawings! And it shows that good style advice never goes out of fashion because this probably still all holds true, including the fact that you should never ask a man for advice on a hairdo! I thought that was hilarious...

Lina Sofia said...

I love this! How fab! I love that they are referring to the 1889s... the cycles of fashion eh! And I agree! You really should never ask a man to give advice abut your hair... my man is very supportive, but he doesn't like any type of flowers or accessories in the hair (except hats)! They're definitely right about that bit! Interesting though... since many people would have assumed that a woman in those days did everything to be pleasing to her husband... obviously not the case when it came to hair! Men in those days, just like men these days, just don't really get women's hair. :)

Lithia Black said...

He,he my hubby always say, "I like it loose" when I ask what he want me to do with my hair :P


Auntie said...

Oh, I love, 'so don't even ask them.'!
The last time I DID ask my husband he told me that he liked my hair BOTH shorter AND longer than it is NOW!!!

Rosy said...

LOL: This magazine is so right on the issue of not to seek advice from a man on the hair .... You made me laugh. Although I think that men in Sweden is not the only one who thinks so ...

Isis said...

Miss Marie: I love the drawings! And yes, I agree, the advice are quite sound today as well.

Lina Sofia: I have been wondering a little about the Regecny reference, though. I can't recall any fashion from the forties that looks Regency... On the whole the book is quite critical of Swedish womeen's tendency to look like clones (Some thing don't change...) and blames a lot of it on the Swedish man.

Lithia: Yes, I remember him being very sceptical of that Rococo hairdo I did on you. :D

Auntie: LOL!

Rosy: I think you are right. :)

Lillgull said...

Hi! Dear Isis just found your blogg and I just have to add you to my bloggroll.
Hope it's oki.
About the hairdo's I have to say that number 6 7 and 8 is my favourites. Oh if I could only wake up each mornig to see myself in the mirror and see that sexy number 6. With a wellplaced flower of course...
About the book- I have a similar book called "För oss kvinnor" I love the styling tips and advice it gives. My book also came with a colorwheel that can tell you what colours match. Fun ey?
my blog is called

Meg the Grand said...

This is fantastic - those drawings are lovely!

Isis said...

Lillgull: Hi! Of course, I'm flattered! I love books like this!

Meg: Yeah, I think so too. Very elegant!

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