Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sewing tricks and planning and some patterns

I have been lamenting my lack of sewing time- I have felt that I never have time to sew. Working full time, having a family to take care of, having to do household chores. Woe is me as I had a terrific pity party. Then I sobered up a little as I probably have as time as anybody else, I’m not exactly alone working and keeping house. So, no reasons to feel sorry for myself, but there was still the fact that I don’t manage to sew as much as I like. And as a letter in the mail, Debi guest blogged about the very subject at Tilly and the Buttons. It really gave me food for thought and one thing I realized is that I put my sewing time way back on my to-do lists.

I do all I have to do fist and then when my free time starts I’m too tired to be creative. I can empty the dishwasher or start a load of laundry when I feel sluggish, but I can’t sew. I also needed to give my sewing room an overhaul as I had trouble finding my sewing notions. Kind of dampen the productivity when you can’t find your pins. So I have spent some time cleaning and sorting and have then started to sew first and do household chores after. It has worked very well . Sewing is my main recreation, it makes me happy and it doesn’t tire me, so I feel that I have had energy to do more, rather than the opposite recently. I also got an excellent planning tip from Casey, who also guest blogged at Tilly and the Buttons. I can’t believe how much easier it is to plan your sewing with a simple spread sheet. It didn’t took me long to make one for all my four years of making this wardrobe. I feel quite confident that I will soon see some tangible result when it comes to my sewing.

Right now I need to put the buttons in my green house dress and do the final assembling of the green felt hat. I also plan to do a mock-up on the trousers. I have also purchased a couple of 1940’s patterns from NewVintageLady. I love that she has a special section for patterns that are on the larger side.

I originally planned to make the short sleeved version of this pattern in printed cotton, but at the moment I’m leaning more in making it white cotton, making it into the white “laundy” dress. The long sleeved version will be a grey wool dress.

This pattern from 1941 is pretty similar to the one above, but the yoke and short sleeves are different. For the moment I have no plans for this one, but I’m sure I will.

Not on my immediate list, but eventually I think this will work well to do a summer ensemble in yellow and white seersucker.

My plan for this one is black wool. For now…

(The pictures of the patterns are all from New Vintage Lady.)


Living Vintage said...

You said it very well I find it very hard to get going on my sewing when I have worked all day come home made dinner cleaned up after the family and finally got both kids to bed and even though I have an hour I often feel too drained to get out my sewing. We are also in the process of remodeling my sewing room. It was really a mess so it is all torn up and while I could sew in the living room like I have for the past year I haven't done it for a while. So with all that being said I sympathize but we should make a pact to get going even when we feel sluggish.

Isis said...

Living Vintage: Problem with feeling too sluggish is that I may continue on something, but not start something new. I feel for your lack of sewing room. It really puts a hamper on things.

I work irregular hours, so I often have a few hours alone before the rest of the family comes home. Ususally I do chores then, but now I try to sew for one hour instead. Works pretty well. :)

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