Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Billie Holiday

I “found” Billie Holiday in my early teens, quite by chance. It was not the kind of music I listened to back then. It probably ages me something dreadful, but I guess Depeche Mode sums it up quite well. And then, on the radio I heard a voice that just spoke to me and I scribbled down the name and hunted down a record. A really bad quality “Greatest hits”, but I listened to it again and again. “Lady Day” didn’t have the biggest voice, but she sang true. So when a lot of the music I loved then have faded away (no, not Depeche Mode, but most of the other band that was big then), I still listen to Billie. She’s classic.

The song I heard? Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do. A lyric that I suspect appeals to teenagers of any age.

God Bless the Child

Lover Man

Willow Weep For Me


Daisie said...

Great, I do love Billie Holiday !! I'd just bought a new compilation of her best songs and, as you, ain't nobody's business is for me a must.

PS: lovely blog, keep going ^^

The Zany Housewife said...

I discovered Billie in my teens and have been in love with her ever since. Nothing better than a rainy day (window open to hear the rain hit the pavement), a glass of red wine, and Billie on the stereo. *sigh* I think I know what I'll be doing tonight!

Isis said...

Daisie: Thank you!

Zany: I don't think it's so odd that teens like her. :) And contiue to like her, after.

Kristina said...

Back in my teens Billie allways represented gloomy feelings and heartbreak. But nowadays her music has evolved ...i now can hear elements of light too...I think teenagers really can connect with the strong feelings and her being honest and real.

Isis said...

Kristina: I agree with you completely!

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