Monday, 24 September 2012

A tea party (for mad hatters?)

Pretty as a picture? Well, at least I didn’t pull a silly face. The event was a truly magnificent tea party at a store called Alla tiders handelsbod (A convenience store for all times). If you visit Stockholm, then I urge you to visit this very charming shop located in Gamla stan (Old town). It is, as the name suggest, a store for all sorts of useful things, all in an atmosphere of the early 20th century.

In August they also hosted a series of tea parties. Tea was served as well as cakes and cookies in abundance as well as a performance from an artist aptly named Tea Time. There was also amusement in the form of naughty silent movies, which perhaps felt more silly than erotic. We were a couple of friends who went together and I think we all had a great time. A lot of tea was drunk and ever single cake got eaten.

Myra in her white hat really did look pretty as a picture and won first prize for best outfit.

On the evening of the tea party the whole store was filled with tables and chairs, but J and I visited a couple of days before.

The charming properties handing out candy.

I wasn’t interested in cars as a child, but I think I would have craved this one nevertheless.

The store has a great selection of hats, so I had to try some on, of course.

As well as jam, lemonade and all sorts of interesting bits and pieces.

There are also plans to have seminars in the cellar in the future, as well as more tea parties, and probably a lot of other fun stuff.

Big thanks to Lars Höög who allowed me to use his pictures from the tea party.


Kate O said...

This is fantastic, and you look absolutely top notch! Such class! :)

Eva said...

I adore the red hat. I wonder if I'll get the time to see anything but Nordiska museet when I go to Stockholm for the Pasold conference in two weeks' time.

Bunny Moreno said...

How lovely! The hats were so pretty! Seems like you had a great time! Yeah!! xox

Anonymous said...

What a lovely look lovely in that soft green dress with flowers.xx Princess Pin Curls

Second Hand Rose said...

Aww this looks like such a lovely day out with some amazing outfits and fab food! XxxX

Erika said...

Vilken söt liten butik, måste gå dit nästa gång jag är på stan i Stockholm! =)
Vilka härliga outfits, ser ut som att ni hade en riktigt trevlig kväll! Din röda lilla hatt är ju supersöt, älskar den typen av hatt!

Sara said...

Wow amazing tea party! Everyone are so elegant, I need to visit Stockholm as soon as possible if there's as cool events like this ;)

You look gorgeous in that red hat you are trying on, by the way :)

Yours sincerely,
Sara from Ladylike Delicacy

Isis said...

Kate O: Thank you!

Eva: I love it too. It was wat to expensive though- especially as it seems quite easy to make.

Bunny Moreno: Thank you!

Isis said...

princesspincurls: Thank you! It's also really comfortable, which is good for hot and humid days.

Second Hand Rose: The cookies where way to tasty- all homemade. There weren't a single one left when we were done.

Erika: Ja, den ska du absolut kolla in!

Sara: Yes, you do! :) Thank you! I would have bought it if it hadn't been a tad too expensive.

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