Saturday, 29 January 2011

Autumn and winter year one

A wardrobe is an ongoing project, bits and pieces are added and discarded over time. Therefore this projects starts with the assumption that some things already hangs in the wardrobe.The basics, so to speak. So let's see what the good book says about those.

Dresses and blouses
A grey wool shirt dress
Simple, long evening gown in black heavy canton crepe
Housecoat with a belt in thin cotton

Coats and suits
Coat in grey lamb fur
A brown sport suit in three pieces, jacket, trousers and skirt
A red sweater
A white sweater
A raincoat in a "natural" colour

Heavy boots
Brown sport shoes
Black walking shoes
Black evening shoes
Rain boots

Grey beret
Brown felt hat

Brown bag in reptile skin
Black bag in suede
Brown knitted gloves
Homemade knitted mittens

Every colour is beautiful with a grey fur coat.
The grey shirt dress should be tone in tone with the fur coat and with grey buttons. Then it will look great with brown accessories
The sport suit should be made in water-proofed gabardine.
A black simple evening gown is suitable for most occasions.

This was the basics- there are some "new" things to add.

Dresses and blouses
A nice black dress in wool

Coats and suits
A grey/brown overcoat in tweed

Black pumps
Green shoes

Black beret, made from the same fabric as the black dress
Green hat in felt

Belt, scarf and clip in green

All the green things should match each other.
A tweed overcoat are practical all year round.
A tailored black wool dress should always be in your wardrobe.

My notes
As you can see the cut is very much up to yourself. There are suggestions, but they are very general. The colours and materials are more important, as they are suggested with the idea that the various items should mix and match. The only thing where colour is up to the wearer are the housecoat, which you presumably only wore at home. I'm a bit uncertain what a clip is, but I think it's a brooch that you clip on. It is also clear that the suggestions are based on a rainy Swedish autumn followed by a cold winter. As I quite like all the colours suggested I will go for them. However, I will not wear fur. Either I will find faux fur, or make a wool coat instead. I also need to decide on cut and find patterns.


superheidi said...

Just found your new project through Sew Retro and it sounds very exciting. Happy to be following your proces.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

At some point, I also plan to make an 1930s & 1940s outfit, since our costume guild does some costuming in that era. So I'm going to enjoy following your journal about this.

Beth said...

1930's and 1940's fashion is my primary period, but I've been dabbling in 18th/19th century lately. Can't wait to follow your project here - your inspiration book sounds wonderful - thanks for sharing this info!

Isis said...

Thank you! I hope you will have a good time here. :)

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