Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tailoring a jacket

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Am I right in thinking that everyone who enjoy sewing clothes, there are one thing that completely daunts you? Me, I have never dared to tailor a garment. I know the theory, but I have never dared to try it. My wardrobe list, however, contains several suits, jackets and coats and I have known for quite some time that I really need to do something about my tailoring fear. Luckily for me I am not alone in my longing for something tailored, so a couple of friends and I are going to gang up together to help and support each other. Tomorrow we are going to meet up for the first time.


My immediate needs are a brown suit in silk noil, a grey suit in wool flannel and a brown jacket for a sport suit. As the silk noil suit probably shouldn’t be overly tailored and I don’t have any wool flannel yet, the sports jacket it is. I also think it may be a good idea to start there and work up for a more fitted jacket for the grey one. I have a pattern, a reproduction one from New VintageLady.


I have fabric as well, dark brown wool with a discreet plaid pattern in thin off-white lines. I need to make a mock up so I can get some fitting help tomorrow and I also need to sit down and think through what I need more like lining, buttons, interfacing, etc. I’m also going to read through New Vintage Lady’s own account of making her pattern.


Also, if you have managed to miss it, check out By Gum, By Golly's tailoring project.

Spring/summer 1944


Tricia said...

I have a few vintage suit patterns and plan to sew at least one this year.

I came across this PDF from 1946 and plan to use it to ensure I get the tailoring right.



Artemisia Moltabocca said...

Please blog about your tailoring tips as you learn them. I am also new to tailoring. I tried a Victorian wool jacket a few months ago, and it didn't turn out the way I expected it to. I'm going to try it again, since it's part of an ensemble. I also want to make 40's tailored suits. (so all the things!) One thing I did learn: always use a tailors clapper on wool seams. It really makes a difference.

Isis said...

Tricia: I have it too, courtsey to By gum by golly. :) I have never dared before, but having a friend to help me makes me much calmer. :)

Artemisia: You are not teh only one who talks warmly about a clapper and I'm lokking for one now. I also plan to make myself a tailor's ham. :)

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