Friday, 16 November 2012

Bathroom dreams

I have mentioned before that we live in an apartment in a house that was built in 1954. Lots of the original décor is still there, but the bathroom was, to our big disappointment, completely remodeled. The previous owners were very proud of it, but we found it absolutely horrid. The lovely tiled bathtub had been removed, a shower had been installed and the sink was made of stainless steel and wood. If you didn’t know it, steel gets grungy much quicker than enamel and wood in a bathroom. Well, no matter how much you dry it as soon as water gets on it, which it does if you only wash your hands, will start to rot. And the tiles on the walls where slightly structured which made them harder to keep clean as well. So remodeling the bathroom was always pretty high on our list, but not quite as soon as now.

However, the whole house has undergone a complete makeover of the plumbing system and with that a new bathroom, no matter what. As the original bathroom is gone and some of the features of a 50’s bathroom is now out of reach due to regulation, like having tiles halfway up on the walls and then just a paintjob, we decided to go back two decades and go for an Art Deco inspired (not reproduced) bathroom in black and white.

I really wanted a checkered floor but the budget didn’t stretch to that, so now the floors are in black tiles and the walls in white.


 More annoying regulations meant removing the window sill and installing a completely unnecessary radiator at the most inconvenient place possible. The bathroom is small as it is, and now it is even harder to furnish. I am not very pleased with the company who did it- they could have asked if we wanted that radiator somewhere else and they almost put in a floor in the wrong colour, prison grey, instead. By luck J was at home and could stop them! With black and white in mind we started to look for suitable furniture and to our surprise we actually found what we wanted at IKEA!
The series is called Hemnes and we have already bought the cabinet and plan to buy these two as well.

We also really want a black bathtub but as I said, the bathroom is small, so we haven’t yet decided what kind of tub it will be. We really like the design of this one, even if that harks back even more in time. Oh well, I said inspired, didn’t I?

The last items on the shopping list are new black and white towels and then I will be able to show you our new bathroom.


snippa said...

Look forward to seeing your pictures - sounds like a fabulous bathroom.
IKEA to the rescue as usual!

Kristina said...

Svart och vitt i badrummet är tidlöst och klassiskt in med pastellrosa eller aquagrönt så blir det sådär deco' läckert. En del av de där tjusiga badkaren är i något konstigt plastigt och fuskigt material som känns som en dålig investering i långa loppet, så se upp! Min kompis köpte ett stramare funkis aktigt badkar i svart från Gustavberg tror jag...
Jag kan tipsa om att den där design Bernadotte har gjort en del urläcker badrumsarmatur, de finns nog fortfarande i produktion och dyker även upp på Blocket osv...Gud så skönt att bli av med det där snusksamlande badrummet, det är ju verkligen ett ställe man vill hålla fräscht och funktionellt lättstädat. Jag har några badrumsinlägg i bloggen kom in och kika!

Isis said...

Snippa: Indeed, IKEA can always rustle up something, and now it's just perfect!

Kristina: Jo, jag vet att en del är i plast, men jag vet inte om de är en så dålig investering. Emaljerade badkar blir ju också fula med tiden. Min faster hade ett sittbadkar i plast och den mesta skillnaden var att det inte var så kallt att stå i som emaljbadkar. Bernadotte ska jag kolla upp!

Och det är vansinnigt skönt med det nya badrummet, mycket lättare att hålla rent och även om vi inte har ett badkar än så håller lustigt nog duschdraperiet vatten borta från resten av badrummet än duschkabinen gjorde...

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