Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Be smart in uniform?

I’m currently in a complete clothes-funk so I need cheering up. Come January it will be mandatory at my workplace to wear uniforms. That would be great if that meant well-tailored elegance. Something like this perhaps.
Air stewardess
But that is not to be. For me it will mean a shirt, black straight skirt and a little striped scarf. I worry about getting cold at my air-conditioned workplace. There is a heavy sweater and wind-proofed jacket to the uniform, which is designed for people working outside, but will be far too heavy to wear inside. I hope that it will be possible for me to wear a black cardigan for warmth- especially as I’m looked into room all day and never, ever meet any passengers (I work for a train company).
 Of course, that could be smart, but I suspect it is the hat that makes it...

Girl pilots, 1943

Girl pilots, 1943
 The best I can say about this uniform is that it’s neutral and it will make my ordinary wardrobe last longer. The boring thing for me is that I’m not a social butterfly- I usually work and then go home, so work is basically the place I dress up for. I like dressing nicely, it makes me feel good about myself and I think its fun.
I think she looks like Pimpinett!
Navy Nurse With Hospital Ship - John Philip Falter
 So I have kind of lost my inspiration when it comes to sewing clothes and I need to find my mojo again. I can’t do much to spruce up my future uniform, but there are no rules on what kind of stockings to wear and none of the design of shoes, except that they are to be black. I have a lot of stockings, so I can take this as an opportunity to wear the more fancy ones I never get around to use. And IO can buy me a pair of really smart black high heels. And I guess I can spend a bit more time in the morning son my hair and makeup when I always know what I will wear at work.
Off-duty uniform, WWII
 I could also notch up my social interactions. The last two years I have been ill so much that I haven’t had much energy for fun, but hopefully that is now under control and with more energy, I could have more fun.
WWII uniforms
 Then there is the matter of coats and jackets. I don’t have to be in uniform when I commute to work and even if I wear the shirt and skirt I can wear my ordinary outerwear. So perhaps a bit more focus on that will make me feel better. I’m almost finished with a raincoat with checkered wool lining and then Mrs. Depew posted a few 30’s coat patterns recently that I want, every one of them.

1930's side-buttoned coat
I have heavy black wool at home. And white faux mink. And a black coat with fur collar on my wardrobe list. Perhaps with a little matching fur hat?
1930's bouffant sleeve coat
I guess this jacket would look better with the matching dress.
1935 dress and coat

1933 autumn coat


Kristina said...

Nej, vad tråkigt!
Förstår ditt dilemma...
Men kan du inte sy dig en uniforms inspirerad jacka?
...Påsydda rymliga fickor,axelvaddar, epåletter,tygbälte i midjan, metallknappar osv. att kombinera med den svarta jobbkjolen?

Nika Chick said...

I LOVE uniform, for both men and women. Looks great, fits great. So styish and elegant!

Eva said...

Det tycker jag låter som en lysande plan. Antingen i svart eller med svarta detaljer.

snippa said...

I have to follow a dress code where I work and that's bad enough for me. I much prefer to wear what I please. At least it means, as you say, that other clothese are kept nicer.
Those coat patterns are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my worst nightmare- having to wear a uniform at work. I don't think I would take it as well as you do, so well done!

As you say, you can always focus on making yourself a nice coat- great selection!

Laurence said...

I love vintage uniforms... Wearing uniform everyday is not bad, I myself cannot wear vintage for my job, I usually work on construction sites with security clothes like a man with no make-up or jewels so when holidays or week-end come I am so pleased to be able to dress up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fy vad tråkigt!

Jag är i lite av en "rut" själv. Jag har helt slitit ut nästan alla plagg från innan jag började sy nu, men jag har inte haft tid att sy (eller andas ut) sedan i våras. Dessutom kan jag inte klä upp mig på samma sätt längre... jag bor på landet (200 invånare i kommunen), jobbar hemifrån, och känner ingen här ännu. Egentligen behöver jag mer grova arbets- och städkläder än vad jag gör vackra dräkter. För att komma ur min "rut" tänkte jag försöka att sy ett par praktiska blusar i tyger som kan passa både till lättare arbeten och "vardagsfin".

Lina Sofia said...

Åh jag förstår att det känns tråkigt! Men du skulle kunna piffa upp det med lite smycken kanske? Färgglad bakelite kanske, fina broscher osv.kram

Lil said...

I do love those vintage uniforms, they are both practical yet so elegant. I too like to dress up rather than wear more casual clothing, so I can see your problem, but you could try to make you uniform more vintage by having your hair in different styles, you can spend more time on your make-up, wearing your smarter stockings will be a great touch, and you could even add brooches and jewellery if you were allowed. You could even wear your scarf in your hair. Although you will all be wearing the same, your accessories will make you stand out from the rest. Good luck and I hope you get your motivation back,
Love Lil x

Lithia Black said...

Har sett bilderna på uniformen och förstår att du blev totalt oinspirerad efter den. Jag tycker du skall satsa på mycket och roliga vintage smycken, ditt hår och smink. Och sy dig en riktigt lyxig kappa så du känner dig snygg när du tar dig till och från jobbet.

chef wear uniforms said...

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Soumik Ghosh said...

Modern day nursing home uniforms have evolved largely.There are now different custom fashionable medical scrubs available in the market which is both comfortable and good looking.

Isis said...

Kristina: Ja, jag har funderat på det, faktiskt. :)

Nika Chick: It can be very elegant, I agree.

Eva: Det blir nog en svart. Jag jagar lite efetr lämpligt tyg just nu.

Isis said...

Snippa. We don't have a dress code at all right now, so it will feel very strange to wear uniform. I love all the patterns and want them all...

dorineenvrac. Needs must, I guess. :) And I will definitely focus on great outwear next year!

Laurence: I tend to be a bit lazy when I'm off work so I will have to look at this as a good opportunity to look great on the weekends!

Isis said...

Emma: Mina hemmakläder är ganska tråkiga just nu de med. Alla i kategorin "inte tillräckligt snygga att gå ut med". Det är ju inte så kul, egentligen. Så jag tänkte att allt sådant ska bort. Jag tycker att "housedresses" är väldigt praktiska, men så har jag aldrig långbyxor. Snygga och praktiska blusar som man kan ha till både kjol och byxor låter som en väldigt bra lösning.

Lina Sofia: Ja, smycken är en bra idé. Och då kanske jag lär mig att komma ihåg att använda dem också!

Lithia: Ja, visst är den! Minst en snygg kappa måste det bli!

Isis said...

Lil: I don't think I will get away with brooches and the scarf have to be around the neck, but earrings and bangles would work. and definitely go to the details like makeup, hair and stockings!

chef wear uniforms: They really do. :)

Soumik Ghosh: I don't work in the medical profession, so scrubs, however nice they have become, is not an option, I'm afraid.

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