Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Where I shop

I love to shop- don’t we all? What I hate, though, is to actually do the physical shopping. Especially clothes. Despite loving to have clothes, I hate shopping for them with a passion and I do practically all my shopping, except for food, online. So here are a few of the places I spend my money.

Clothing and shoes
Brandos A Swedish shoe store. They don’t really sell retro shoes, but it’s there I found my reproductions rubber boots from Viking. Last time I looked they had those in two versions. I have also seen some rather 40’s looking sandals.

Bravissimo Not retro, but very pretty underwear, even for gals in larger sizes. They also have a clothes collection, Pepperberry, aimed at woman with large busts and they often have retro-inspired dresses, so they can be worth a peek.

Dance Store Several dance shoes that are reproductions of 30’s and 40’s shoes. Read the fitting advice for the individual shoe and remember that you have to re-sole them if you are going to use them outside the dance floor. I love the shoes I’ve bought from them, very comfy and pretty.

Heyday I recently bought a pair of trousers- the first I have bought in many years, and I’m satisfied with them. They are a bit too long, though, so you won’t see them until I have fixed that. I’d like to buy a dress or two from them in the future.

Pin Up Clothing More 50’s in style than 40’s, but I do wear 50’s too. I have heard a lot of less than positive reviews on their service and quality, but I have always been very satisfied with both. Shipping is costly, though. My most comfortable high heels shoes are from them, a pair of Bordello stilettos.

Rocket Originals 40’s and 50’s reproductions for both men and women. I have bought two sweaters from them that I love and this bag. I’m eyeing some of the shoes too.

SFQ Swedish store for stockings and good quality suspenders.

What Katie Did Retro underwear. I wish I could fit into their bras, but I’ve bought corsets and stockings and been very pleased with the quality. They also sell Bésame products and you can found their lipstick samples that have been sold out at the Bésame shop for awhile.

Fyrinnae Mostly loose eye shadows and the best eye primer ever; Pixie Epoxy. Good prices and you can buy the eye shadows in really generous samples.

Lucy Minerals The best mineral foundations, period, if you ask me. Nice selection of colour, easy to blend in and can be tried in samples. Don’t contain parabens, micronized minerals, or petroleum products, which very often are the stuff people get allergic reaction to when it comes to mineral products.

Purely Cosmetics Mineral makeup, but I actually only buy one thing from them, Diamond Perfect Finish powder. The best powder I have ever used.

Rockalilly Retro lipsticks. Not a big selection, but nice colours and quality.

The Perfumed Court Perfume samples, both vintage and modern. Perhaps the most inexpensive, but they have a large selection.

Belle Blossoms Beautiful hair flowers and combs that really stays in your hair instead of sliding out.

Arthelia’s Attic Snoods made after vintage patterns in several models and a lot of colours.


faith said...

Thank you so much for introducing me to the Dance Store! They have so many great pairs of 40s style shoes and they're really well priced. I'm in the UK so I hope their international shipping is reasonable because some of these are going on my Christmas list ;)

Isis said...

Faith: I ordered two pair of shoes and I found the shipping very reasonable, considereing that I'm in Sweden. So hopefully you do too. :) They also arrived as promptly as can be hoped for with overseas shipping. :)

Who Moved my Birkin said...

Love you Blog! The forties were my favorite decade for dress!! Its so interesting what you have here, can't wait to read more

Isis said...

Who Moved My Birkin: Thank you so much!

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