Friday, 23 September 2011

A beautiful smile

Please note that this is advice on dental care from the 1940’s. If you find that they differ from what your dentist tells you, then I think you should listen to your dentist!

The best way to ensure beautiful teeth is to take care of them. Brush your teeth morning and nights with a hard toothbrush of good quality. Make sure that you brush every angle of every tooth that you get to and lightly brush the gums too. Rinse the mouth after every meal with tepid water; possibly add a few drops of refreshing mouth water.

Mouth Water
Essence of Pyrethrum……….15 grams
Essence of Vanilla………………15 grams
Tincture of Rosemary….…....30 grams
Tincture of Rose………….….…20 grams
Essence of Peppermint……...3 grams

In the mornings, brush with tooth powder or tooth paste and at night, brush with Marseille soap or ordinary salt, which is supposedly good for the gums. I have tried booth tooth powder and salt and though they don’t foam, they do leave your teeth feeling clean. Floss from time to time between the teeth with the help of a silk thread. If you, despite good mouth hygiene, suffer from a bad breath, then it may originate in problems with your tummy.

Make sure you get plenty of calcium from your diet, or supplements to ensure strong teeth. Discoloured teeth can be brushed once a week with a solution of 2 tablespoons of 3% peroxide to one glass of water. Best is to leave bleaching to the dentist, though. Under all circumstances, visit your dentist at least once a year to check them out. If your teeth are in a very bad way, then it is better to fit them with porcelain jackets rather than to remove them and use dentures.


Laurence said...

Always funny to read about 40's-50's advices in vintage magazines!!!! I love read the page "readers letters" on french vintage ELLE magazines, girls were quite dumb, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I work for a dental association, so I think this is fantastic, and not that terribly far off! I love vintage beauty books and recently acquired a fantastic one from 1949 for ladies over 40. I share a few of the author's amusing tips on my blog. You might enjoy them.

Isis said...

Laurence: I agree, it's always interesting to read such things.

jmsewingstudio: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Very enjoyable! I love to read such things!

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