Monday, 11 July 2011

A review on Rockalily lipsticks

This was how long I could keep away! Well, I did say I would post, they will just be a bit irregular. Besides, insomnia can strike even during vacation- a perfect opportunity to write a post.

A little while ago Lottie Loves wrote lyrically about the lipsticks from Rockalily. Ever in search of the perfect red I got quite interested. I'm terribly unimpressed by MAC in general, but bought Ruby Woo anyway, as it is such a classic lipstick, and found that even if I quite like the colour, the formula is awful and that alone make it a lipstick that rarely get worn. The reviews I could find on the Rockalily lipsticks were all very good and I liked the colours, so I ordered the two cool-toned red lipsticks they have. They also have a pink one and a warm-toned red.

I'm very impressed by the customer service! I had a question on shipping and got an answer mere minutes after I sent my mail. After ordering I got a mail that my lipsticks were posted about an hour later. It took 6 days to arrive, with a weekend in between, which I think is fine considering it was sent England-Sweden. The shipping cost was £2.50 for up to 4 lipsticks, which I think is very reasonable. The price for the lipsticks are £14, which I find reasonable as well. Especially since they are great lipsticks! Wonderful formula that makes them easy to apply and that doesn't dry out my lips. They are not as matte as Ruby Woo, but then lipsticks weren't completely matte in the 1940's. Not completely matte doesn't mean super shiny, after all. One layer that I blotted on tissue gave an even coverage and lasted for hours. When it fades it does so evenly and you can re-apply lipstick without having to clean off what remains before you do that.

The pictures aren't the best, it's really hard to capture colour correctly, but here is a try. Rockette Red, (compared to Ruby Woo, Rockette Red is darker in colour) without any lipliner, just applied with a brush. I usually prefer a lipliner, asI find it much easier to get a nice lipshape with it. You can see the lipsticks isn't perfect here.

The darker Roulette Red, which for variation is applied directly from the tube. Not perfect either, but it is possible to do so, as the lipsticks glides on so easily. I love the colour on both lipsticks, they are very flattering! All in all I'm so pleased with these lipsticks and I'm quite certain that I will buy the pink lipstick too in the near future.

And just to show how different colours can be when you take photos, this is Roulette Red again. Nice sunglasses, yes? They were my grandmother's and are from the 1940's, but they are very heavy and quite uncomfortable to wear for long periods. I still love them.


Lina Sofia said...

I've read great things about these lipsticks, and now with your review I'm very tempted to give them a try myself! They look great on you!. I really love the glasses, they're perfect!
Hope you're having a fab time on holiday!

Isis said...

Lina Sofia: I hope you will like them as much as I do, if you try them! And thank you! I'm enjoying myself and are determined to constinue to do so!

Perdita said...

They both really suit you.

Those shades are great, a fab shape. I am searching for some 1980s 'old' repro with that shape- basically so they are light enough to wear all day.

Missy Vintage said...

Glad you liked them, I also reviewed the Rockette Red, it's a great colour, seems to suit such a wide range of skin tones.

Miss Emmi said...

Great sunglasses! I just bought a pair of modern glasses with almost the same shape so it is good to see they will suit my vintage outfits!

Kristina said...

förstår precis din besvikelse över Ruby Woo den har en väldigt hård och torr konsistens,MAC Russian Red är mycket bättre, men doftar alltför mycket vanilj för min smak. Min favvis röda är Make Up Stores Devil,matt och vääääldigt syndigt vampig mer än en klarröd kulör, de har flera fina röda som China Red och Pout som är mera av en orangeröd. Dessa Rockalily läppstift måste jag nog kolla in. Tack för tipset.

Isis said...

Perdita: Thank you! Yes, I think that especially the lighter red works very well in the daytime.

Missy Vintage: Yes, very falttering shades. :)

Miss Emmi: Indeed, if anyone says otherwise you can always point them in this direction. :D

Kristina: Russian Red är lite för gul i tonen för mig, men jag har hört att den har bättre formula. Rockalily läppstiftet doftar lite vanilj- jag tycker att de luktar väldigt gott, men det är ju en smaksak. Laura Merciers läppstift luktar i princip likadant, om du är i Stockholm (jag har fått för mig att du bor där, men jag kan ju ha fel) så kan man gå in på Cow och provlukta. :) Devil har jag lite testat, den ska jag titta på!

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